Got Milk? Jonathan Bailey has enough for everyone.

Celebrating one of our fave's most sexed-up moments.

Got Milk? Jonathan Bailey has enough for everyone.

Jonathan Bailey seems to be everywhere at the moment - and I'm not complaining!

After turning up the heat in Fellow Travelers, there's Bridgerton, he's in training for Jurassic Park, and we're counting down the days until the Wicked film adaptation is released which will give us Bailey as Fiyero Tigelaar.

Now, he's giving us milk.

If you watched Fellow Travelers, you may remember the milk scene.

A memorable, sexually-charged moment between Hawk and Tim.

Bailey is now merchandising that scene to raise funds for his new charity, The Shameless Fund - which raises money for LGBTQ initiatives.

“The Shameless Fund is a passion project that will support international, national and grassroots LGBTQ+ non-profits to forge a world where every LGBTQ+ person can live authentically, love freely and thrive without the burdens of discrimination, oppression or shame...” explained Bailey, launching the charity.

The merch for sale is a "Drink Your Milk" t-shirt, a collaboration with fashion-brand, Loewe.

Bailey has a long-standing friendship with Loewe's creative director, Jonathan Anderson.

The t-shirt is available from Loewe - it retails for £175.

Can Jonathan Bailey revive the Jurassic Park franchise?

Jonathan Bailey is confirmed for a lead role in Jurassic World 4.

The universe established by the 1993 Jurassic Park film - an adaptation of the book by Michael Crichton - has spawned numerous sequels. A new instalment would be the seventh film in the series. While we're always happy to see big dinosaurs running around and eating people, we're going to need a fresh take - recent films seems to have been pretty much rehashing the original storyline in various incarnations.

While we don't know much about Jurassic World 4, so far the signs are a bit mixed. The director is Gareth Edwards - he's got form with big monsters and big budgets, his best work was probably Rogue One from 2016. The script is by David Koepp based on Michael Crichton's writing. Koepp has been working on Jurassic scripts from the early days, so this doesn't really feel like a fresh approach. 

Sadly, it seems unlikely that we're going to see Laura Dern reprising her role as Dr. Ellie Sattler.

As well as Bailey, the only other confirmed casting appears to be Scarlett Johansson, but there are suggestions that Colman Domingo and Dev Patel may be making an appearance. Jonathan Bailey, Colman Domingo, and Dev Patel all in the one film - all getting sweaty, their shirts torn off, and rolling around on top of each other? That sounds like a movie we'd like to see!

Jonathan Bailey is documenting his fitness journey on social media as he prepared for filming the Jurassic World film. If this is Week 1, we're in for a treat! Give this man all of the awards!

Jonathan Bailey wants to film the story of the Sacred Band of Thebes

In one of his recent media interviews, Bailey explained why he'd like to bring the story of the Sacred Band of Thebes to the big screen.

“I’m obsessed with the Sacred Band of Thebes - an army of gay lovers in Ancient Greece..." said Bailey, talking about dream projects. "They partnered in pairs, this gay army, and they overthrew a Spartan army - I want to do that as a comedy.”

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