Behind-the-scenes: Lawrence Portland

Meet the late-bloomer who is making up for lost time.

Behind-the-scenes: Lawrence Portland

For the Naked Men Talking podcast, I caught up with Lawrence Portland for a behind-the-scenes look at his online life.

What led you to begin exploring a career in the adult entertainment industry?

As I grew older, it was becoming apparent that I wanted to express myself sexually more and more. I began viewing porn in my late-20s. I became fascinated by watching so many performers explore their sexuality with each other in front of the camera – it’s a beautiful thing.

I thought – If they can do it, so can I. At first, I became a webcam model – that was in 2014. Two years later, I was offered to do my first two scenes in Chicago – one was a solo and the other was a duo. The rest, as they say, is history.

It’s more than a job. It’s an erotic journey.

Who are some of your heroes or inspirations in the industry?

There’s too many to mention!

To name a few, I’d say Michael Lucas, Francois Sagat, Reese Rideout, Max Konnor, Marc Williams, Carter Dane, Cayden Ross, Cutler X, Race Cooper, D.O., Adam Killian, Vin Marco, Trent King, XL, Jay Alexander, Sean Xavier, Sean Zevran, Tomas Brand, Andre Donovan, Viktor Rom, Topher DiMaggio, Jason Vario – the list goes on!

It’s a rainbow of heroes and inspirations – past and present.

Do you enjoy the entrepreneurial side of the business?

Absolutely. There are so many outlets that allow you to have as much creative control and freedom as you desire. If you love creating your own content, then your audience – fans old and new – will enjoy it as well.

Can we talk underwear?

To tell you the truth, I rarely wear underwear. However, I am a butt man so I do love jockstraps.

I wear them at the gym and I enjoy seeing other men wear them – especially if the strap beautifully accentuates their nice, round glutes. I can appreciate any underwear that nicely complements the butt.

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