Lil Nas X: Where do we go now?

New music from our fave.

Lil Nas X: Where do we go now?

Having predictably stirred up some controversy with his religiously themed video for the single J Christ, Lil Nas X is pushing forward - a documentary about his life and career has been released and he's got a new single.

Where Do We Go Now? is the new single - it's part of the soundtrack to the documentary, Long Live Montero.

Long Live Montero

Directed by Carlos López Estrada and Zac Manuel, Long Live Montero takes us behind-the-scenes of the Lil Nas X 2022-2023 tour of the same name.

Although primarily shot in verité style, flashbacks are also used to recap aspects of the life and career of Lil Nas X.

J Christ

Not the immediate smash-hit that Lil Nas X is used to, J Christ entered the charts at Number 69 - an opportunity for innuendo that wasn't lost on Lil Nas X.

The coming out story

At the peak of his Old Town Road fame, Lil Nas X came out in one of the most nonchalant ways possible.

“Deadass thought I made it obvious…” he Tweeted, along with an image of the song’s artwork – a rainbow-coloured skyscraper.

“It was something I was considering just never doing ever, just taking to the grave or something, but I don’t want to live my entire life not doing what I want to do…” explained Lil Nas X, subsequently explaining in media interviews why he decided to publicly discuss his sexuality as a gay man. “I’m also opening doors for more people.”

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