Looking for Love

Erotic gay fiction about searching for a bit of romance.

Looking for Love

Being single is a lot of fun, but sometimes a bit of intimacy is what we're craving - we may not be wanting to settle down and get married, but an occasional bit of romance is always worth embracing.

If you're looking to add some queer fiction to your reading list, you might want to check out Looking for Love - an anthology of short stories that centre encounters between guys that are a bit Cupid-curious.

There's six episodes in this collection.

Episode 1: Mr Right Now

A night out with friends leads Jason to realise that he might have already found what he's been looking for.

Episode 2: Jackson's Disastrous Date

Things didn't quite go as planned when Jackson arranged to meet his date in a restaurant but it definitely wasn't all bad.

Episode 3: The Psychologist

Raj has had a tough week - trying to settle into a new job in a new city. But a chance encounter in a bar could lead to something more.

Episode 4: Date Night

Nikolaj is excited for date night, but things are never straightforward when your date is with a vampire.

Episode 5: Buenos Aires

Charlie had assumed that he was just the latest conquest for his manager, but it's starting to feel like there may be something more between them.

Episode 6: The Safe-house

Laurent and Tom are on the run. Their lives are in danger, but at least they're together.

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