Behind-the-scenes: Matthew Figata

Get to know this impressive man.

Behind-the-scenes: Matthew Figata

I caught up with Matthew Figata for a behind-the-scenes look at his online life in a conversation for the Naked Man Talking podcast.

What led you to start exploring a career in porn?

I’ve become more of an exhibitionist over the past five years or so, after becoming more confident with my body.

When I was in my 20s, I did a bit of modelling – just local stuff, nothing major – and I’ve worked out every day since I was 19. So, even in my thirties I was happy with my body. However, living in small town and working a lot, I didn’t think of showing off at all, except during the summer at the beach.

When I met my second long-term boyfriend, that changed. He’d been a model in Milan, and was gorgeous. He thought I was hot, so that was a boost for my ego. He was used to going to nude beaches in Spain and Greece, so when we lived together in Miami, he took me Haulover nude beach. At first, I’d quickly take off my suit and lie on the towel, ever so demure. He cajoled me into circumnavigating the entire nude beach with him naked – eventually I realised that it was no big thing. From there, I gradually felt more comfortable getting naked in many other situations.

I had a good friend who posted all kinds of nudes on Tumblr – I decided to do that also. I got more bold over time, and started posting more suggestive stuff on Instagram – ass shots, and that kind of thing. When I did, that my follower count went up and that made me continue.

When Tumblr banned porn, I turned to Twitter to post nudes there. I also started following porn stars – guys who were interesting people and who also had a refreshing attitude of being themselves and not caring what others thought of them.

Soon enough, I’d started up some fan-subscription channels. At first, I didn’t post my face – I had a job in education. Once I quit that, I started posting my face, and then videos.

I had a few followers tell me that I should do porn, but I thought I was too old. Then, I saw a post asking for photos from people who might want to get into porn. I never expected anything but sent some photos anyway, just for fun. I got contacted a week or so later and was asked to do some shoots. It was all so fast, but I said yes because it was an experience at which I may have never had another chance.

I did the shoots and loved the whole process. I wanted to do more. I contacted an agent, who agreed to represent me.

I’ve met some terrific people and plan to continue as long as I can maintain a body that at least some people want to look at. I know that I’m starting too late to ever be a star, but just being in the industry, meeting these interesting people, and making enough money that I could quit my other job is good for me.

Who are some of your porn heroes or inspirations?

I always liked Matthew Rush. I met him once – he was very sweet.

It wasn’t until I started getting into the business that I became more of a student of it. Now, I can say that I admire performers who are creative, innovative, industrious and have a unique selling point. I have a Masters in Advertising, and we call that a USP. So, performers like Rhyheim Shabazz, Max Konnor, Levi Karter, Sean Zevran, Ty Mitchell, Kuper, CagedJock, Armond Rizzo, and Michael Boston come to mind.

I’m also hugely grateful to Johnny Rapid. He was my first scene partner – he was as helpful and kind as anyone could be.

Why is the fan-subscription distribution model something that works for you?

Creating content is undoubtedly different for everyone. At first, I watched what successful models were doing and copied them. Lately, I’ve been trying to find my own brand and create images and stories that I haven’t seen. It’s challenging because there are so many talented performers putting out great content, but challenges are exciting and rewarding.

I love the entrepreneurial side of it all. I used to run my own business, so I know how much money I make is the result of my efforts and talents.

Can we talk underwear?

I wear briefs, generally. All kinds of brands, depending on my mood.

I wear jockstraps in the gym – unless I wear tights, in which case I wear just tights, nothing under or over. I don’t get these shy guys who put on tights and then cover them with baggy shorts. Of course these are the same guys who change under a towel in the locker room.

On other guys, I generally like briefs, but someone with a great ass should wear a jock.

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