Naked Nutrition - diet tips to improve your sexual performance

Make some changes to what you're eating and bring your A-game to the bedroom.

Naked Nutrition - diet tips to improve your sexual performance

Whenever we think of nutrition, it’s generally in regards to what foods give us a healthy and balanced diet. What’s often overlooked is that what we eat plays a crucial role in every aspect of our lives.

Getting your diet right can help you achieve your fitness goals and enhance your appearance. Improving your diet can also have benefits for your mental health and – very importantly – for your sex life.

After talking to a few experts, here's some diet tips that might just help to improve your sexual performance.

How can what we eat make us better in bed?

There are some common foods that we can all take to increase our sex drive and make us more aroused.

Oysters for example are rich in zinc and contain two amino acids that have been found to increase the production of sex hormones.

Salmon is rich in omega 3 and helps boost the production of dopamine within our bodies. Dopamine is basically our brain’s pleasure chemical and it definitely helps get us in the mood.

Even a chocolate bar can have a mood-boosting effect. There’s a reason we always buy people chocolates!

Are there different diet tips depending on what we’re into? What are the top tips for tops?

One of the most common issues facing men erectile disfunction - most men will experience some erectile disfunction at some point in their life.

While there's a range of factors that might be contributing to erectile disfunction issues, what you eat can help to alleviate the symptoms.

To become erect and stay hard, your penis requires health blood-flow. Foods that support your cardiovascular system are worth looking at.

For example, celery contains arginine - that's good for your cardiovascular system. Watermelon is believed to help with blood flow. Magnesium-rich foods such as spinach can help to dilate blood vessels and keep your blood flowing smoothly through your body.

So, adding extra celery, watermelon, and spinach to your diet is a simple way to improve your diet and may help you to have stronger and more sustainable erections.

Premature ejaculation is another challenge that many guys encounter. Boosting the amount of zinc and magnesium that you’re getting in your diet is thought to help with your overall sexual functioning – it’s one of the steps you can take to tackle premature ejaculation. You can take supplements to boost your levels of zinc and magnesium, but you’ll also find them in foods such as dark chocolate, spinach, beef, lamb, and chickpeas.

Then there’s the money-shot. When you’re trying to father a child, you might be looking for ways to boost your sperm count. Increasing the antioxidants in your diet is a good way to boost your sperm count. Look for foods that are high in selenium – Brazil nuts and blueberries are a good starting point.

Many of us aren’t that bothered by sperm count but we are looking for volume in our cum-shot. There are some studies that suggest that taking a D-aspartic acid supplement can help to boost your testosterone – this might help to increase the volume of your cum. There’s a common belief that pineapple will make it taste sweeter, so that’s never a bad thing.

What’s best for bottoms?

Being clean and confident is generally at top-of-mind when we're going to get fucked.

Douching is the functional way to sort yourself out, but the butt is a sensitive part of the body - too much douching is not good for you.

Unsurprisingly, what you eat plays a key role in maintaining a healthy digestive system and helping you to be always to be ready for action without needing industrial-strength douching to clean yourself out.

Firstly, stay hydrated – about 2-3 litres of water per day.

Secondly, make sure that you're getting enough dietary fibre. Aim for eight portions of fruit and vegetable per day – six vegetables and two fruit.

Thirdly, reduce your dairy intake. Dairy is one of the main causes of things getting gooey down there.

Finally, invest in a probiotic. Look into supplementation or foods like kefir and kimchee. A probiotic helps increase levels of good bacteria in your stomach and keeps everything moving along as it should.

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