My naked yoga obsession

An addiction that I don't want to quit.

My naked yoga obsession

There's nothing new about yoga, right? Everyone knows about yoga.

I've done yoga classes at the gym. I've been to Bikram yoga studios and got sweaty. It's fine - I can see the benefits but yoga isn't something that I've ever been particularly excited about, until now.

I'm now obsessed with yoga. To be specific, I'm obsessed with naked yoga.

It kind of started by accident. My friend, Michael - who I'm always trying to impress - floated the idea of booking a mini-break for the two of us.

Michael has a bit of a kink for getting naked and he knows that I'm always up for any kind of naturist vibe. He thought that we could find somewhere where we could work on our all-over tans and do a bit of yoga - a naturist yoga retreat of some kind.

Obviously, I was all for it. The catch, however, was that I'm quite rubbish at yoga - touching my toes is beyond aspirational. Michael does a lot of yoga - he once demonstrated to me how he can suck his own cock.

Not wanting to embarrass myself, a bit of online searching brought me to the online yoga classes of Gerard at Om Body Studio.

Online – Naked One To One Yoga Session – 60 min – Om Body Studio – Sound Baths, Yoga and Massages for Men in Milton Keynes

I booked a one-on-one online class to give it a try. The session was great, and Gerard was amazing - really positive and encouraging. I really enjoyed the whole experience.

I didn't stop there. I booked more classes with Gerard. I even travelled to Milton Keynes for a 1-on-1 session with Gerard - he was even more attractive in-person than he had been over Zoom.

Wanting Michael's stamp of approval, I also organised a Zoom session whereby Gerard ran a class for both Michael and I together - it was a total success.

We never got around to booking the mini-break - the summer slipped past, we're now looking at dates for 2024. But, with a long-haul flight looming, I decided to treat myself and pay another visit to Gerard in Milton Keynes.

Honestly, it was the best experience.

I mean, I knew that it was going to be good. My first visit to Gerard's studio established that he's got a warm and welcoming energy, he's a patient and encouraging teacher, and he delivers the kind of sensual-but-not-sexual intimacy that I really connect with.

Second time around and I've established beyond doubt that I need a lot more Gerard in my life.

The session itself was great - it's a one-on-one class, Gerard guided me through some simple posts and helped to correct my technique, deepen my stretches, and coach my breathing. We were both naked, obviously - this is naked yoga.

Why does it have to be naked? I guess that it doesn't. Clearly, you can do yoga with clothes on, but being naked in this kind of scenario puts you in a consciously different state of being. Not only can I - and Gerard - see exactly what my body is doing, but the vulnerability of being naked in a homo-social space is somehow very freeing both mentally and physically.

I'll admit that my passion for yoga is fuelled by some external influences - I'm trying to impress Michael and also Gerard is an incredibly attractive man who I'm eager to spend time with. But I am also getting benefits from the yoga itself.

I'm doing some basic stretches each day, looking at basic tutorials on YouTube, going to the gym and never skipping leg-day, watching what I eat, and trying not to drink. I'm frequently looking in the mirror and clenching my stomach.

Whether I've actually lost any weight or look any better is debatable, but I feel better. I feel more confident about my body. I feel more confident about myself.

I'm obsessed with yoga. I'm obsessed with naked yoga.

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