Queer Today Gone Tomorrow

An exhibition by Recognition, for Pride.

Queer Today Gone Tomorrow

If you're counting down to London's Pride celebration, you'll probably want to check out Queer Today Gone Tomorrow - an art exhibition in Soho that celebrates the power of queer venues.

A solo exhibition by the artist, Recognition, Queer Today Gone Tomorrow is a journey through the history of London's LGBTQ community.

From the illegal Molly Houses, through blacked out Earls Court bars, into rainbow Soho and beyond, Queer Today Gone Tomorrow thanks the spaces that built queer London, and celebrates those venues we still have.

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Recognition on How To Date Men

For our podcast, How To Date Men, we caught up with Recognition for a behind-the-scenes look at the exhibition.

In the conversation we talk community, Pride, and why LGBTQ venues continue to be essential.

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Why queer venues matter