Reading List: Afterglow

Reading List: Afterglow. Class Comics continue to deliver the kind of erotic fiction that fuels our fantasies.

Reading List: Afterglow

The latest release from Class Comics is Issue #2 of Afterglow – a selection of sexed-up short story adventures featuring the heroes of the Class Comics Universe.

Issue #2 kicks off with a steamy Pride Party After Party – everyone is definitely letting their freak flag fly.

Everyone except for Deimos, that is. He’s headed to the beach for a bit of alone-time but he’s not alone for long.

There’s also a celebration of the thong – every superhero looks good in a thong, right?

This issue also includes another peak into the life of Deimos, as he endures an encounter with Nicholas Lafoy, plus we get a demonstration of oral skills.

The adventures come to a climax with a visit from Krampus who delivers a festive fuck-fest.

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Issue #1 of Afterglow

Written and illustrated by Patrick Fillion, Issue #1 of Afterglow is a collection of short, sexed-up adventures and encounters featuring some of the best-loved characters from the Class Comics universe.

For Byron Durand, A.K.A. Space Cadet, an innocent day at the beach turns into tentacled tribulation when slimy, horny, cum-hungry Cossak turns up.

Peter Goldman, A.K.A. Ghostboy is captured by his dastardly Uncle Toro, then auctioned off to the highest, and most lascivious bidder.

Deimos eases into his new role as a Surrealtor alongside his partners Isaiah Shade and Julio Flores, only to discover he’s gotten in way over his head.

Warren Wessel foolishly thinks he’s alone in the deep-sea O.R.C.A. installation, but something hungry for his hot bod is stalking him, and won’t rest until it’s found and pounded him!


This is an erotic comic experience created by sexed-up geeks who really put their passion on the page.

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