Erotic gay fiction about boys who surf

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Erotic gay fiction about boys who surf
Photo by Guy Kawasaki / Unsplash

Surfer boys.

Is this the kind of thing that gets your attention?

This is an extract from the story called Riding The Waves.

“Shane!” scolded Mrs Cotton, as Shane snuck into work, a few minutes late for his shift. “Don’t think I don’t see you!” Although Mrs Cotton was Shane’s superviser at the Co-op supermarket, she had a soft spot for Shane.

“I’m sorry, Mrs Cotton — the surf was just too good!” winked Shane. However the truth was that Shane hadn’t got a lot of surfing done — he’d been in the showers being fucked by Geoff Stevenson, the manager of the Co-op supermarket. What had begun as an anonymous encounter before he knew who Stevenson was, had now turned into a regular session each morning before they both started work.

“Stop winking at me and get out there on that register!” instructed Mrs Cotton, hustling Shane out of the staff-room to go and serve the waiting customers.

It was a busy morning, and Shane had his head down and was mindlessly scanning groceries when someone interrupted his daydreaming.

“Excuse me?” said the voice. Shane looked up to see who was trying to attract his attention. It was a young guy, a really cute young guy with curly brown hair and a sparkling smile.

“Oh, sorry…” replied Shane, momentarily dazzled by the kid’s smile. “How can I help you?”

“I’m here for a job interview…” said the guy. “I’m just not sure where I should go?”

“Um… Who’s the job interview with?” asked Shane.

“It’s a job in the deli department…” replied the guy. “I was told to ask for Mr Stevenson?”

“Oh, sure…” nodded Shane. “Just head over to the other side of the store and you’ll see a door marked Office. Mr Stevenson will be somewhere there.”

Having followed Shane’s directions, the cute kid knocked on the office door.
“Yes?” responded Stevenson, from inside the office.
“Mr Stevenson?” asked the cute guy, cautiously opening the office door. “I’m Jason Porter — I’m here for an interview to work in your deli department?”
“Yes, of course, Jason!” said Stevenson, dazzled by Jason’s smile. “Please, come in.”

Stevenson drew the blinds and locked the door.

“I don’t want us to be disturbed during the interview…” Stevenson explained. “So, Jason — tell me a little about yourself?”
“Well… I’ve just moved here…” explained Jason. “I really like surfing, so when I saw this job I thought I might be able to combine a surf in the morning with my shifts here…”
“You’ve applied for a job in the deli department…” confirmed Stevenson. “Do you have any experience in handling meat? Do you know your way around a sausage?” Jason smiled at the innuendo that Stevenson was making. Stevenson was an attractive man — Jason thought to himself that he wouldn’t mind showing Stevenson his sausage skills.
“You know, Mr Stevenson…” said Jason. “I really love sausage — I consider myself to be a bit of a sausage expert.” Stevenson was excited that this sexy kid was clearly up for some fun.
“Well that’s impressive, Jason — I like your enthusiasm…” nodded Stevenson. “The next part of the interview is a practical test, I want you to show me your sausage skills — I want you to show me everything you know about sausage.”
“Which sausage would you like me to start with?” asked Jason, looking up at Stevenson. Stevenson unzipped his trousers and pulled out his cock — already beginning to get thick and hard.
“How about we start with this one right here?” suggested Stevenson, weighing his hardening cock in the palm of his hand. Jason licked his lips in anticipation and then dropped to his knees in front of Stevenson.

Jason took the cock in his hand and stuck his tongue out — tasting the tip of Stevenson’s cock. Whetting his lips again, Jason ran his tongue around the head of Stevenson’s cock and then used his tongue and lips to begin to play with the generous foreskin that was already beginning to slide back as Stevenson’s cock got harder and harder.
“Yeah…” moaned Stevenson. “You’ve definitely got some experience…”

Jason kept working on Stevenson’s cock, using the saliva from his mouth to get all of the cock wet, all the way down the shaft.

“Yeah get your mouth down on that cock!” encouraged Stevenson. “Suck that cock boy!” Jason opened his mouth wide and took as much of the cock into his mouth as possible, bobbing his head up and down, feeling the shaft of the cock sliding further and further down his throat.

Jason could feel Stevenson’s hands on the back of his head, holding him in position, pushing him down further as Stevenson began to push his hips forward, driving his hard cock deeper and deeper down Jason’s throat.
“Yeah — that’s it, kid, suck that cock!” urged Stevenson. “Show me how much you want this job!”

Jason maintained his focus on sucking that cock, swirling his tongue, breathing through his nose so that he could let that cock-head into the back of his throat again and again and again.

“Yeah — that’s it boy, you’re gonna get my load… you’re gonna get my load down your throat!” gasped Stevenson, as he began to feel the cum boiling up inside him. Jason kept sucking that cock. “Oh fuck!” grunted Stevenson suddenly. “Oh fuck! Here it comes!”

Jason could feel Stevenson pressing his head down firmly — his cock was firmly planted in the back of his throat as Stevenson began grunting and thrusting his hips forward.

“Ungh…” moaned Stevenson, and Jason could feel the hot, sticky cum shooting into his mouth, he could taste the salty cream as it coated his tongue. “Yeah — eat that fucking load!” growled Stevenson.

Jason held Stevenson’s cock in his mouth until he felt that it had stopped shooting cum. He swallowed as much cum as he could and then slowly let the softening cock slide free from between his lips. He used his tongue to clean the cock — lapping up any last traces of cum that had escaped his mouth.
“Kid, there’s no doubt about it — you sure do know your way around a sausage…” grinned Stevenson. “Welcome to the team!”
“You mean, I’ve got the job?” asked Jason excitedly.
“Kid, with commitment like that I don’t think it will be too long until you get a promotion…” winked Stevenson. “See you back here tomorrow and we’ll get started. Oh, one more thing… You said that you’re a surfer?”
“Yeah…” replied Jason. “I haven’t had a chance to hit the waves yet, but my board is all ready to go.”
“I usually go for a run along the surf beach before work…” said Stevenson. “Maybe I’ll see you down there tomorrow morning?”
“Sounds good!” grinned Jason. “I’ll keep an eye out for you.”

The next morning Shane was out on his board, riding the swell and keeping a lookout out for a decent break. He scanned the beach regularly, looking for Stevenson, keen to time his shower so that they could hook up for a quick fuck before having to get ready for work.

Shane generally started a bit later than most of the other surfers in town and he usually had the waves to himself in the mornings, so he was surprised to see someone on a board paddling out towards him. It wasn’t until the guy on the board got a bit closer that he recognised him as the cute guy who he’d spoken to at work the day before. It was Jason.
“Hey…” nodded Shane.
“Hey…” acknowledged Jason.
“How did the interview go?” asked Shane.
“Think I nailed it…” winked Jason. “I start my first shift this morning.”
“Wow — you must have really impressed Mr Stevenson!” said Shane, a bit surprised.
“I thought I might see him down here this morning…” shrugged Jason. “He said he usually goes for a run along the beach in the morning.”
“Yeah — I usually run into him down here…” nodded Shane, scanning the beach to see if there was any sign of Stevenson. “I’m Shane, by the way.”

“Jason…” nodded Jason.

The two boys concentrated on the surfing for a while and were rewarded with some solid breaks, giving them a good workout in the waves.
“I guess we’d better head in and get ready for work?” Shane eventually suggested.
“Alright — let’s catch the next break all the way in…” agreed Jason.
They pulled themselves away from the waves, stashed their boards, grabbed their rucksacks, and headed into the changing rooms. Shane couldn’t help admiring Jason’s body as they stripped out of their wetsuits.
“You must work out a lot?” observed Shane, running his eyes over Jason’s defined chest and pumped up biceps.
“You can talk!” laughed Jason. “You’re fucking ripped!”
They got under the showers and began to wash the sand away.

“Can I borrow your soap?” asked Jason. Shane handed over the bottle of soap and watched as Jason squeezed out a dollop and began to soap up his smooth body.
“Want a hand to wash your back?” suggested Shane with a smile. Jason nodded and turned his back to Shane. Shane squeezed more soap into the palm of his hands and began to rub it across Jason’s muscular back.
“Yeah — that feels good…” encouraged Jason. “Really good!”

Jason turned to face Shane and their mouths met in a kiss. It was a bit tentative at first, their lips brushing against each other. Jason looked into Shane’s eyes and saw the lust and desire there, their lips touched again — this time more confidently, suddenly their mouths mashed together, their tongues meeting, and their hands around each other’s bodies, pulling them close together, feeling the heat between them.
“Fuck you’re hot!” growled Shane, breaking the passionate kiss for a moment.
“You’re like my ideal guy!” laughed Jason. “A surfer with a big cock!” Jason reached down and took hold of Shane’s cock, which was already growing hard and thick.

Just at that moment, Stevenson walked into the changing rooms. He had his shirt off and was just wearing his jogging shorts and a pair of shoes.
“Well, well, well…” smiled Stevenson. “My two favourite boys, naked, in the shower, getting it on.”
“I hear you’ve given Jason a job?” grinned Shane.
“It was a very thorough interview…” winked Stevenson. “I thought you might give me a hand to train him?”
“I would be happy to help…” grinned Shane, his arms still wrapped around Jason’s naked body.
“Well, how about we make a start now?” suggested Stevenson. “Looks like you’ve already been doing a bit of team-building without me?”
“We were just covering a few of the basics…” grinned Jason, giving an affectionate tug on Shane’s hard cock.
Stevenson quickly pulled off his shoes and stripped off his running shorts and stepped into the shower with the two boys.
“On your knees, boys…” instructed Stevenson. “Our first lesson today is teamwork.” Both boys immediately dropped to their knees, Stevenson’s long, thick cock hung only inches from their face. “Get to work now…” encouraged Stevenson.

Shane took hold of Stevenson’s long cock and gave it an affectionate lick. He pointed the cock towards Jason who also stuck his tongue out and happily tasted the tip of Stevenson’s cock. Shane used his fingers to pull Stevenson’s generous foreskin forward, stretching it, bunching it up, and then using his tongue to play with it. Jason did the same and began pushing his tongue up inside the foreskin, pulling Stevenson’s foreskin forward so that it wrapped over his probing tongue. Shane took the cock back and began to suck it, taking it in his mouth and getting it wet with his spit. He paused and passed Stevenson’s cock back to Jason who did the same — bobbing his head up and down, happily sucking on Stevenson’s shaft. Next the boys both put their mouths to Stevenson’s cock at the same time, both of them slurping their lips and tongues over and around the thick cock-shaft and head of the cock, their mouths meeting for sloppy kisses as Stevenson continued to push his cock between them.
“On your hands and knees, Jason…” Stevenson instructed. “Let’s take a look at that sweet boy-cunt.” Jason followed the instructions of his new boss and arched his back so that his ass was presented perfectly to Stevenson and Shane. “Shane — get your mouth on that boy-hole, show Jason how talented you are at rimming a guy.”

Shane dropped to his hands and knees behind Jason and happily planted his mouth to Jason’s boy-hole — kissing, licking, slurping his tongue as far up Jason’s cunt as possible.
“Yeah…” moaned Jason, loving the attention that Shane was paying to his boy-hole.
“You like that, kid?” Stevenson asked Jason, as Shane continued to push his tongue deeper inside.
“Uh huh…” nodded Jason.
Stevenson moved to kneel in front of Jason and presented the boy with his hard cock, Jason didn’t hesitate to slide his mouth down on Stevenson’s rock hard cock-shaft.
“Yeah — suck that cock, kid, you sure know how to take a cock down your throat…” encouraged Stevenson. “Get that cock wet because you know where it’s going next — it is going right up your tight fuck-hole!”

Stevenson guessed that Jason liked that idea, because he increased the effort he was putting into sucking Stevenson’s cock.
“How’s that hole, Shane?” asked Stevenson. “Ready for my cock yet?” Shane took his mouth of Jason’s ass and came up for air.
“Yes, boss — he’s ready!” grinned Shane.
“Right…” continued Stevenson. “I want you to get a really close view of this — slide your body underneath Jason, I want you sucking his cock while I fuck his boy-hole.”

Jason stayed in position while Stevenson and Shane got themselves comfortable. Shane lay beneath Jason and quickly swallowed his hard cock so that it went all the way down his throat. Shane could look up and see Stevenson positioning his large cock against Jason’s boy-hole. Stevenson paused for a moment and then pushed slowly forward. Shane watched closely as Jason’s cunt yielded and accepted Stevenson’s cock-head.
“Oh god!” moaned Jason. “That’s a big fucking cock!” Shane would have smiled but his mouth was full of Jason’s cock. Shane knew just what it felt like to be fucked by Stevenson, he knew just how big that cock felt as it entered you.

Stevenson pulled back slightly and then pushed forward again. Pulled back, and then pushed forward. Each time was only a small withdrawal, each time he went forward his cock pushed a little deeper, a little further. With a little persistence Stevenson soon had his entire cock deep inside Jason’s ass. Shane could see the base of Stevenson’s cock, Stevenson’s big bouncing balls were almost resting on Shane’s nose.

Stevenson withdrew his cock slightly and then pushed forward again, he withdrew a little and then pushed forward. Each time he withdrew he would pull his cock out a little further, each time he pushed forward he would drive his cock a little harder, a little deeper. Out and then in, backwards and then forwards. As Stevenson built his momentum he was soon pulling his cock almost completely out, and then slamming his cock all the way into Jason’s ass, deeper and harder, with each thrust of his cock he would slam into Jason’s ass and Stevenson’s balls would bounce against Shane’s nose.
“Oh fuck — that feels good!” moaned Jason, overwhelmed by the sensation of having his cunt expertly fucked while his cock was also being sucked.
“Yeah, kid, take that cock!” urged Stevenson.

With the pounding that Stevenson was delivering, Shane couldn’t hold Jason’s cock in his mouth any more and it bounced free. Seeing that Shane’s mouth was available, Stevenson withdrew his dripping cock from Jason’s stretched boy-cunt and pushed it into Shane’s eager mouth. After giving Shane a taste of his cock, Stevenson pulled his cock back and once again slammed it deep into Jason’s cunt.
“Oh — fuck yeah…” moaned Jason. “Fuck that ass!” Stevenson began to alternate his attentions, slamming his cock into Jason’s fuck-hole and then taking a break and letting Shane suck on his cock for awhile — ass, mouth, ass, mouth — the pleasure that these boys were giving Stevenson was blowing his mind.
“You gonna give me your cum?” begged Jason, feeling intense pleasure when his cunt was full of Stevenson’s cock, and then a deep emptiness when Stevenson withdrew to stuff his cock into Shane’s hungry mouth.
“Yeah — you want my cum, kid?” growled Stevenson.
“Yeah — give it to me, fill my ass with your cum, boss!” urged Jason. Stevenson picked up the pace of his fucking, giving Shane one last taste of his dripping cock before slamming it all the way into Jason’s cunt, driving his hips backwards and forwards as he fucked himself into the kid.
“Fuck — here it comes!” warned Stevenson. “Get ready for my fucking load! Ungh!” he grunted, unloading his cum deep inside Jason’s fuck-hole. “Oh fuck! Oh fuck! Take that cum!” grunted Stevenson.

Jason kept fucking himself on Stevenson’s cummy cock, enjoying the feel of it sliding in and out. Eventually Stevenson withdrew his softening cock and let it fall down into Shane’s waiting mouth. Shane nursed on the greasy cock, lapping up the remaining drops of cum that were still coating it.
“Well done boys…” smiled Stevenson, looking down as the two of them, covered in cum. “You’re both showing a lot of potential. The Co-op supermarket is clearly in good hands.”

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