A beginner's guide to a gay bathhouse

There's a lot of fun to be had at a sauna or sex-on-premises venue.

A beginner's guide to a gay bathhouse

While bathhouses may sound like the easiest way to get laid, the sauna is also one place to have a steamy good time, beyond just the moisture in the air.

But with the high temperatures comes some risk. While sauna sex can be pleasurable, dehydration or concerns from a long duration in high heat come to mind.

In this article, we provide some safety tips to enjoy the company of another in a sauna.

Is Sex in a Sauna Good?

If you’re wondering whether you should give sauna sex a try, there’s plenty of reasons why this is a good idea.

Saunas are hot, steamy places. You’re warm, you’re relaxed, and you’re naked.

Sure, you probably walk into the sauna with a towel wrapped around your waist. You might even keep the towel on while you find a seat on the wooden bench. But it doesn’t take much for that towel to loosen and fall open, right?

The sauna is also a public space – you’ve got that thrill of exhibitionism and the taboo of public sex going on. That’s pushing some buttons.

Plus, you’re sweating. The sweat is beading on your skin. Rub your hand down your chest – feel the sweat beneath your fingers. Swipe your sweaty palm down your cock-shaft – feels good, right? Sweat is pretty sexy.

Why Do Gay Men Have Sex in Saunas?

Our sexual relationship with saunas runs fairly deep, but it’s not very complicated.

Men have been having sex in the baths since the Roman Empire.

In cultures where public bathing is common practice, the sauna is one of those homo-social spaces which are often erotically charged.

It’s the stories about the Ancient Greeks and Ancient Romans that informed the designs of the first men-only bathhouses in the US and the UK – homo-social spaces where men came together, got naked, and just hung out.

Obviously, if you’re into guys and you’re somewhere where guys are getting naked, then stuff is going to happen. Needs are going to be fulfilled.

Benefits of a Gay Sauna Steam

Some of the health benefits of saunas include:

Feeling alive – There’s nothing like a profuse sweat and a cold plunge to make your senses come alive. During a sauna session, make sure that you stay hydrated. It’s very important to drink plenty of water to replenish lost fluids during and after the sauna.

Remove toxins and improve circulation – A good sweat will help you release toxins from your system. A sauna is an easy way to sweat, especially in the winter. The heat from the sauna helps to dilate blood vessels for increased circulation and to open the pores of the skin – releasing toxic chemicals from your organs and tissue.

Tone your skin – You might want to give your skin a dry brushing prior to entering the sauna. This removes dead skin and promotes movement of the lymphatic fluid. Always brush in the direction of your heart. By dry brushing, you are circulating your lymphatic fluid thus accelerating metabolic processes such as glucose delivery, removal of carbon dioxide, and oxygenation of your cells. Some guys also use venik – birch branches and leaves – to lightly beat each other’s skin. Sounds fun, right?

Shared community – In the Nordic cultures, a sauna is nearly always a family event or something that you do with friends. Parents teach their children that naked or partially clothed bodies are natural and need cleansing and care. A sauna is also a common community event with often a dozen or more people participating. It’s a great time to catch up on the news and what’s going on in the lives of those around you.

Fight infection – Most harmful microbes can’t survive hot temperatures, which means they don’t stand a chance in the sauna. Heating up your body with regular saunas has been shown to fight infection by killing off microbes such as viruses, bacteria and fungus.

Relaxation – The sauna heat easily lulls your senses and relaxes tense muscles. This profound heat drives your thoughts away allowing a space for deep solace and inner calm.

Intimacy – If you’re wanting to spice up your relationship, a bit of sauna time with your partner is a great way to turn the heat up. Just make sure you stay hydrated.

Cruising Tips in the Sauna

If you’re sitting in a sauna at a gay bathhouse, then you’re not really going to need any cruising tips – everyone there is already cruising for sex, there’s not really any danger of misinterpreting the signals.

If you’re in a relatively public sauna, then you might need to tread a bit more carefully.

Can You Have Sex in a Sauna?

If we’re talking about the legalities of a sauna fuck-down, then this really depends on where you are in the world.

If you’re in a gay bathhouse, then it’s game-on. But in most other sauna situations, you’re probably running a bit of a risk. You could potentially be charged with offences such as public indecency or indecent exposure. Or you may find yourself banned from your gym or the local swimming pool.

The main thing is to ensure that everyone is consenting to what’s going down – that’s not just the guy that you’re getting it on with, but also with anyone who might happen to be watching the fun.

Safe Sauna Sex Tips

From a health perspective, there’s nothing particularly risky about fucking in the sauna, but there’s probably a few things to be aware of.

Because of the heat, you could potentially dehydrate. Sex in the sauna usually happens fairly quickly. If you’re planning an extended session, then try to remember to take regular breaks – cool down in the shower, drink some water, then get back in there and get at it.

Are you ready to turn the heat up?

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