100 Heroes: Steve Endean

The gay man who was instrumental in the campaign for LGBTQ equality.

100 Heroes: Steve Endean

Steve Endean was an activist who was instrumental in the campaign for LGBTQ equality in America.

Born in 1948 in Iowa, Endean studied political science at the University of Minnesota.

In 1971, Endean founded the Minnesota Committee for Gay Rights.

In 1973, Endean started lobbying the Minneapolis City Council to include protection for Gay Rights in the Minneapolis anti-discrimination ordinance. As a result of Endean's lobbying, Minneapolis became the first major US city to pass a Gay Rights Ordinance.

In 1980, Endean started the Human Rights Campaign Fund - the HRC - and served as its first Executive Director.

In 1993, Endean died of an AIDS-related illness.

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