Find your Zen with the Taoist Masseur

Artie is ready to work over every inch of your body.

Find your Zen with the Taoist Masseur

If you’ve got an interest in man-on-man massage, then you’ll probably be fairly familiar the basics of an erotic massage – there’s some oil, a happy ending, and a fair bit of rubbing in between.

But have you experienced a Taoist Massage?

Artie is the Taoist Masseur. With over 12 years of experience, and having trained in Brazil, the Netherlands, and the UK, Artie’s massage sessions draw on a combination of massage styles to deliver a full-body experience that is pretty much next-level.

Drawing on the disciplines of massage styles that include Holistic, Swedish, Deep Tissue, Indian Head Massage, and Reflexology, you’ll see from Artie’s videos that he’s particularly accomplished in Lingam Massage – that’s the type of massage that really focuses on your cock.

I caught up with Artie for a behind-the-scenes look at what it takes to deliver a good Lingam Massage.

What makes a massage a Taoist massage?

Taoist Erotic Massage was created by Joseph Kramer, an American bodyworker at the beginning of the 80s.

It was created as a safe option for gay men to explore pleasure.

The main philosophy of the Taoist Massage is to be able to receive erotic touch without having to reciprocate or to perform. There are no expectations for you and your body to respond in any way.

Usually performed on a massage table, a Taoist Massage consists of 30 different hand strokes – these were created by Kramer to achieve the ecstatic state.

But Taoist Massage is also about orgasm control – similar to Tantra. At the end of a Taoist Massage we perform The Big Draw – it’s like an internal implosion of the sexual energy that has built up. It sends orgasmic waves through your whole body.

In your online tutorials, you demonstrate a wide range of strokes and massage techniques. Do all guys respond to pretty much the same strokes, or do you need to figure out what’s going to work best for the guy that you’re massaging?

Everyone is different. Sometimes, even with the same person, one day something works and then the next day it doesn’t.

It’s important to be attentive to the way the body responds to the touch – the body will tell you the best way to achieve the goal.

Although I have standard strokes, I also have to be creative and go with the flow. The routine is a nice way to start, but you have to be able to freestyle.

It’s important that the guy receiving the Taoist Massage doesn’t have any specific expectation, otherwise you miss the whole experience waiting to achieve that. But the ‘no expectations’ also applies to the person giving the massage – you have to be able to adapt on the spot.

When we look at the principles of Tantra, we’re often talking about harnessing sexual energy. How is that process different if you’re stroking yourself and pleasuring yourself compared to having a professional such as yourself doing the stroking?

I think it’s the same as comparing self-massage to a massage from a therapist. They’re both effective, but having someone else working on you not only harnesses that energy in a different way but also helps with your confidence and self-esteem.

Having someone that you trust taking care of you boosts your confidence. It can touch you in a way that you cannot do alone.

There’s obviously a lot of training and research that goes into the techniques and skills that you’re demonstrating in your online tutorials. Is this the kind of thing you can learn by watching someone else do it, or are your videos more for people who enjoy watching a guy being worked over?

It’s always better when you have proper training – such as training in a group of people with someone assisting and guiding you. There are elements of knowledge and awareness that come from being taught by someone rather than just trying to figure stuff out on your own.

I did my training in Amsterdam and I left very confident with what I learned. But it’s also possible to learn from watching.

When I first started filming, I intended to use it as an advertisement for my work. However, people started to follow the videos – practicing with others or even on themselves. Plus, I know that some guys just like to watch.

My video tutorials are out there, use them as you wish.

In your video tutorials, you don’t do a lot of talking – is that so you can concentrate on the techniques you’re delivering? Do you let your hands do the talking?

Yes, usually I massage with my eyes closed. It just happens.

Personally, and this is a very personal opinion not a fact, I think talking while massaging can be a bit distracting. The purpose is to be mindful of all the sensations in your body.

As of now, the intention of my videos is for you to feel like you’re sitting there, watching me massage someone. However, like every opinion, I might change and could add some chat here and there in the near future.

What do you hope that guys feel when they’re receiving a Taoist massage from you?

I hope they feel that they are being taken care of. Regardless if they climax, stay aroused or just relax, my goal is that they feel that someone is genuinely focused on making them feel looked after.

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