Thailand to legalise same-sex marriage

A big step forward for the LGBTQ community.

Thailand to legalise same-sex marriage

A step forward for the LGBTQ people of Thailand - it looks like Marriage Equality is finally going to be adopted.

The country's cabinet has approved the necessary bill - the amendment to the relevant laws will be submitted to the parliament this month.

It's been a long road for LGBTQ equality campaigners but under the proposed amendments, the Civil and Commercial Code of Thailand will change the words “men and women” and “husband and wife” to “individuals” and “marriage partners.” This will effectively deliver Marriage Equality.

The move will put Thailand at the forefront of equality in the region - Taiwan and Nepal are the only other countries in Asia that have made significant progress in recognising same-sex relationships as equal to opposite-sex relationships.

What's life like for LGBTQ people in Thailand?

What's life like for LGBTQ people in Thailand? Let's take a look at some of the key equality indicators.

Yes – homosexuality was decriminalised in 1956.

The age of consent was equalised in 1997.

Is there Marriage Equality in Thailand?

As things currently stand, there is no legal recognition of same-sex couples. There’s a general tolerance of same-sex relationships, but no legal protections.

However, the proposed legislation would be a major step forward, enabling same-sex couples to legally register their relationship status.

Does Thailand have anti-discrimination protections based on sexuality?

Yes – protections were introduced in 2015. There are a range of exemptions to the protections that were implemented, so it’s not the strongest framework however it’s better than nothing.

What's life like for LGBTQ people in Thailand?

Thailand is a relatively accepting kind of place and there is a vibrant and visible LGBTQ community. The country welcomes LGBTQ tourism.

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