The Apprentice

Erotic gay fiction about a mechanic.

The Apprentice

Over the years, I’ve written a fair bit of erotic fiction — it’s erotic fiction written for an audience of gay men.

If you're interested in that kind of thing, you might want to check out The Apprentice - a couple of quick encounters that features guys who work as mechanics.

Victor stood about six foot two, a solid block of hard muscle. He wore a faded, dirty blue boiler suit — he wasn’t wearing a t-shirt underneath it and the buttons were undone to the waist, exposing his powerful chest covered with bear-like fur.

“What seems to be the problem?” said the young mechanic, wiping his greasy hands on his overalls as he came out to greet Fred. Fred really didn’t know much about cars, but he didn’t want to look too incompetent — the mechanic was sexy as hell, a masculine arrogance that Fred found almost irresistible.

Jake’s flat was number 27. When Vinnie got to the door it was already open — there were a couple of guys outside smoking and more guys, hanging around just inside the door.
“He must have had some kind of party…” grumbled Vinnie to himself, feeling pissed-off that Jake had been so irresponsible. Jake pushed past the guys at the door, determined to find Jake and give him a serve. He’d given Jake plenty of warnings, this was the final straw.

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It was a warm sunny day and it felt good to be able to kick back on the grass of the park and enjoy the feel of the sun’s rays on their skin. Joey unbuttoned his overalls and stripped them down so that they still covered his legs but he was able to tie the top around his waist.
“You don’t wear a t-shirt under your overalls?” asked Mickey, surprised.
“Nah” replied Joey, “…gets too hot.” Mickey followed Joey’s lead and tied his overalls around his waist, pulling off his t-shirt so that they both lay out on the grass, tanning their chests. “I don’t wear underwear either…” said Joey.
“Really?” giggled Mickey.
“Nothing worse than a sweaty cock and balls!” winked Joey.
“Yeah, I know what you mean…” agreed Mickey, adjusting his underwear beneath his overalls.

He slowly unbuttoned the shirt that Joey was wearing, running the palms of his hands across Joey’s chest. Rudy brought his mouth down and began to kiss and lick on Joey’s nipples, increasing the intensity as he began to chew and bite, feeling Joey squirming with pleasure beneath him.

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