The Apprentice

Erotic gay fiction about a mechanic.

The Apprentice

Over the years, I’ve written a fair bit of erotic fiction — it’s erotic fiction written for an audience of gay men.

If you're interested in that kind of thing, you might want to check out The Apprentice - a couple of quick encounters that features guys who work as mechanics.

Here's a sample of the action:

Danny followed Karl into the garage - it was empty, closed for the night. As Karl was rummaging in his locker for his keys, Danny walked over to the Mustang that they’d been working on together that day, gently running his fingers along the shiny black bonnet.
“That’s one sexy car…” said Karl, coming up to stand behind Danny.
“Yeah - sure is…” nodded Danny.
Danny could feel Karl’s breath on the back of his neck, he could feel how close Karl was standing. Danny closed his eyes as Karl reached out and wrapped his arms around him, drawing their bodies together.
Danny turned so that he was facing the big man, their mouths instantly connecting in a deep, passionate, hungry kiss. Karl pulled off his t-shirt, and then helped Danny pull off his also. Karl pulled Danny’s face into his chest, Danny opened his mouth and latched onto one of Karl’s nipples, sucking and chewing.
Karl undid his belt and stepped out of his jeans and underwear – his cock was already rock hard, the generous foreskin beginning to roll back from the glistening cock-head. Karl fumbled with Danny’s jeans and pushed them to the ground - they were both soon standing naked, face to face, hard cocks straining, their hands exploring each other’s body as they kissed passionately.
Karl knelt down so that his face was level with Danny’s cock – he took it in his hand and began to gently slide his fist backwards and forwards. He spat into his fist to create some lubrication and continued to jack Danny’s cock.

Danny was feeling weak at the knees and leaned back against the Mustang to steady himself. Karl used his tongue to wet the head of Danny’s cock, tasting the pre-cum that was already starting to flow. Slowly, Karl took the head of Danny’s cock into his mouth, swirling his tongue around it, getting it wet, and then beginning to move slowly so that he began to take more and more of the cock into his mouth, taking the shaft down his throat, until soon Danny’s cock was completely enveloped by Karl’s mouth and his balls were touching his chin.
Danny had never felt anything so good – he began to rock his hips to push his cock in and out of Karl’s mouth, feeling his cock slide all the way down to the back of Karl’s throat, he felt like he could cum at any second.
Karl released Danny’s cock from his mouth and stood up, kissing Danny passionately, their tongues wrestling, sharing the taste of Danny’s cock. Karl turned Danny around and pressed him forward against the car. Kneeling again, this time Karl began to apply his mouth to Danny’s ass – spitting onto the boy’s smooth hole, and then pushing his face in between Danny’s butt cheeks so that his tongue could begin to work on the kid’s sweet boy-cunt.
“Fuck!” moaned Danny, as Karl’s mouth connected with his boy-hole.
Karl enthusiastically rimmed Danny – holding Danny’s butt cheeks apart to create as much access as possible for him to chew and probe Danny’s boy-hole.
“Ungh...” Danny grunted with pleasure, feeling Karl’s tongue pushing up inside him.
Once Danny’s boy-hole was feeling relaxed and wet, Karl began to use his fingers – spitting again to create some extra lubrication, using first one and then two fingers to push inside, gently at first, backwards and forwards, in and out. Danny looked back over his shoulder at Karl – he could see the concentration in Karl’s face, he could see the lust. Karl looked up into Danny’s eyes – he knew he was ready.
Karl stood up and spat into the palm of his hand, rubbing it over the head of his rock-hard cock. He placed the head of his cock just resting against Danny’s smooth, hairless boy-hole. He spat again, watching the saliva ooze over the head of his cock and into Danny’s cunt. Karl pushed forward gently, pushing that saliva deeper inside the boy that he had pressed against the black Mustang.
Karl spat again, and pushed forward again – this time his cock head forced its way inside Danny. Karl could feel Danny’s body tense up – he waited, waited until he could feel Danny begin to relax beneath him, and then he pushed forward again.
Slowly, gently, Karl moved backwards and forwards, getting deeper each time, building up the lubrication and the heat between the two of them. Eventually, Karl’s huge cock was fully inserted into Danny’s fuck-hole. They stayed there for a moment, not moving, Karl’s chest pressed against Danny’s back, Danny breathing deeply – his body trying to adjust to the sensation of being completely filled by a massive cock.
As Karl began to feel Danny’s body relaxing beneath him, he began to move his cock backwards and forwards, slowly pulling backwards and then pushing all the way forward – each time feeling his balls slap gently against Danny’s ass. He rapidly began to increase the speed of his fucking, increasing the force, increasing the power, until soon he was slamming his cock deep and hard.
Danny was grunting with each thrust that Karl made inside him, his entire body felt electric - this was beyond anything he had ever imagined. Karl grabbed Danny’s hair and pulled Danny’s head back, turning his head so that their mouths could meet in a sloppy, hungry kiss while Karl continued to slam his thick hard cock in and out of Danny’s stretched fuck-hole. Without warning, Danny could feel himself begin to cum – his cock jerking beneath him, coating the shiny Mustang with a pool of sticky white spunk. Karl continued to plough away at Danny’s ass, holding Danny by the hips to ensure deep, long strokes.
“Fuck!” shouted Karl. “I’m going to fucking cum!”
Karl’s thrusting became even more urgent and he arched his back.
“Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!” grunted Karl. “Take that fucking cum!”
Karl remained buried deep inside Danny, his chest heaving. As he caught his breath, Karl slowly began to slide his cock backwards and forwards inside Danny’s freshly fucked boy-hole, before eventually letting himself slide free.
Karl turned Danny around and pulled him close, kissing him deeply and passionately, feeling the sweat and cum sticky between them, connecting their bodies.
“You’re going to make a good apprentice...” winked Karl. “A fucking good apprentice.”

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