The Assignment

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The Assignment

One of the stories that I've published on Amazon is The Assignment.

This is a story that follows the adventures of Christopher - he's secured his dream job with an international consulting firm. His first assignment sees him assigned to a project led by the enigmatic Shaeffer. Shaeffer quickly teaches Christopher who's boss.

Here's a sample of the action:

Shaeffer ran the back of his hand down Christopher’s cheek. Christopher shivered at his touch, it felt like an electric shock on his skin as Shaeffer made contact.

“Are you ready for some more?” asked Shaeffer.

“Yes, Sir…” replied Christopher.

“How much can you take?” asked Shaeffer, looking intently into Christopher’s eyes. “How much punishment? How much control?”

“I don’t know, Sir…” replied Christopher. “I want to try - I want to please you, Sir.”

“Good boy…” whispered Shaeffer, his breath hot on Christopher’s ear. “Why don’t we start with a little trust game?”

Shaeffer produced a piece of black material, quickly fixing it around Christopher’s head as a blindfold. Suddenly plunged into darkness, Christopher felt a little disoriented, a little apprehensive. The next thing that Christopher felt was ropes being wrapped around his wrists and ankles, binding him firmly into position on the chair.

“I’m tempted to shove a gag in your mouth…” Christopher heard Shaeffer say from somewhere behind him. “But I want to hear you moan - I want to hear you beg for more.”

Christopher gulped, trying to guess what Shaeffer had in store for him, his body aching for him to begin.

“When it comes to sex, the two most important sensations are pleasure and pain…” continued Shaeffer. “One without the other is boring - together they can take you to places that you never imagined possible. Which would you like first? Pleasure or pain?”

“Um, pleasure?” replied Christopher cautiously, unsure whether there was a correct answer to this question.

The next thing that Christopher felt was a cold block of ice sliding across his skin, down the side of his neck and down over his chest. When the ice block reached his nipples, Shaeffer swirled the freezing block around each nipple several times, drawing small gasps from Christopher.

“Feels good, doesn’t it…” observed Shaeffer. “Your nipples are hard, protruding, they show that you’re excited, that you’re enjoying this game. But, you know what comes after pleasure, don’t you?

“Pain?” guessed Christopher, unsure if that was really the answer that he wanted to give. “Aaaaggh!”

Christopher yelped as he felt a sharp biting sensation in each nipple.

“Shhhh…” soothed Shaeffer. “It’s just some clamps - you’ll get used to them in a moment. The more that I play with your nipples, the more torment that they’ll be able to take. Soon you’ll be begging me to twist them, torment them, torture them.”

The biting pain on Christopher’s nipples soon eased to a dull throb, just as Shaeffer had predicted.

Christopher felt Shaeffer rubbing his thumb across Christopher’s lips. Christopher opened his mouth and felt the thumb push inside, across his tongue. Christopher sucked gently on it, enjoying a moment of intimacy with the man who stood above him, controlling him. The thumb was soon withdrawn, leaving Christopher wondering what was coming next.

Christopher heard the flick of a cigarette lighter. He wondered if Shaeffer was having a cigarette, or maybe a cigar.

“Aaaggh!” protested Christopher, suddenly feeling the burning sensation of hot wax dripping onto his skin, across his chest.

“Remember – pleasure and pain…” reminded Shaeffer. “They go together. This isn’t really hurting you – it’s just the intensity of the sensation as the hot wax drips from the candle down onto your skin.”

Christopher winced as each drop of wax fell onto him. Shaeffer was right, it wasn’t really burning him, but it was making him writhe uncomfortably in the chair, unable to move beyond the tightness of the ropes that bound him into position.

“Perhaps it’s time to release you…” suggested Shaeffer. “Would you like me to untie the ropes?”

“Yes…” nodded Christopher. “Yes please, Sir.”

Christopher felt the ropes falling away from his ankles and wrists, however the blindfold remained in position. Shaeffer grabbed Christopher by the leather harness and dragged him out of the chair and down onto the floor.

“Kneel there...” instructed Shaeffer.

Christopher felt Shaeffer running his hand down his chin, caressing his cheek almost tenderly.

“I think your hands still need to be restrained…” decided Shaeffer.

Christopher soon felt Shaeffer grab his wrists and pull them behind him, securing them with what felt like a pair of handcuffs. Christopher knelt on the floor of his boss’s office, wearing just a jockstrap and a leather harness, blindfolded, and handcuffed. He had never been so turned on in his life.

Suddenly Christopher’s face was thrust forward, he felt the fabric, he assumed that his face was being pushed into Shaeffer’s crotch, this was confirmed as he felt the solid mound of Shaeffer’s cock trapped somewhere inside those trousers. Christopher opened his mouth, trying to taste the cock that he was being teased with.

“That’s what you want, isn’t it?” asked Shaeffer, pulling Christopher’s head back.

“Yes…” nodded Christopher. “Yes, Sir.”

Suddenly, there was a sharp slap across Christopher’s face - it was the open palm of Shaeffer’s hand. It didn’t really hurt, it stung a little, but the shock of it took Christopher by surprise.

“If you want my cock you have to be a bit more eager than that…” scolded Shaeffer. “I don’t think you deserve to have my cock in your mouth.”

“Please! Begged Christopher. “Please, Sir. Please let me suck your cock!”

“Well, let’s see…” said Shaeffer. Christopher heard the sound of zip being slowly undone. “You’d better do a fucking good job of sucking my cock or you will have to be punished. Have you ever sucked a cock before?”

“Um, no…” admitted Christopher, mouth was watering at the prospect of being able to taste Shaeffer’s cock. “No, Sir. Yours would be my first.”

Christopher suddenly felt Shaeffer’s thick fat cock being slapped against his cheek, again and again and again.

“Open your mouth – stick out your tongue!” growled Shaeffer.

Christopher did as he was told. Shaeffer slapped the head of his cock against Christopher’s extended tongue, Christopher could taste the salty heat of the cock.

Shaeffer grabbed Christopher by the hair and held his head in position as he slowly began to push his cock in and out of Christopher’s mouth. Christopher opened his mouth as wide as possible, feeling the cock pushing back towards his throat. He tried to breathe through his nose so that he wouldn’t gag as Shaeffer pushed his cock in and out.

Blindfolded and with his hands handcuffed behind his back, all that Christopher could focus on was the big fat cock plunging in and out of his mouth, pushing across his tongue, filling his throat. He felt strangely pleased to be able to serve Shaeffer in this way, to be able to pleasure him.

Suddenly the cock was withdrawn, Shaeffer slapped it across Christopher’s cheek a couple of times, wiping the spit across his face. Christopher was slightly disappointed, he wanted that cock back in his mouth. Shaeffer grabbed Christopher by the hair and pulled him forward.

With his hands still handcuffed behind his back, Christopher sprawled awkwardly, he tried to support his weight on his chest and knees but he felt that he was in a fairly undignified position, his ass exposed, vulnerable.

“Ungh!” yelped Christopher.

Shaeffer had landed the palm of his hand across Christopher’s ass in a hard smack.

“Aagh!” grunted Christoper, as Shaeffer spanked his ass again and again.

There was a slight pause, and then Christopher felt the cool touch of leather caressing his ass softly, Christopher guessed that it was some sort of riding crop that Shaeffer was trailing lightly across Christopher’s skin.

“Fuck!” yelled Christopher.

The softness of the leather had been replaced with sharp searing pain as Shaeffer whacked the riding crop across Christopher’s exposed ass.

“Oh god…” whimpered Christopher, as the riding crop landed again and again.

As suddenly as it began, the whipping stopped. Christopher lay gasping on the floor, stunned by the intensity of sensations, the erotic roller-coaster that Shaeffer was putting him through. Christopher’s ass felt as if it was on fire, his skin was tingling with a mixture of pain and anticipation of what was to come.

The coolness of oil was what Christopher felt next as Shaeffer drizzled some sort of liquid onto Christopher’s ass. It felt like the consistency of olive oil and it soothed his skin as Shaeffer began to gently rub it across Christopher’s tender ass, concentrating on pushing the oil between his ass cheeks, beginning to focus on his smooth boy-hole.

“Oh…” moaned Christopher as Shaeffer began to prod and probe his boy-hole, his fingers roughly pushing the oil inside him.

Christopher could feel that Shaeffer was opening him up, loosening him. Shaeffer pushed a finger inside Christopher, sliding it in and out, using the oil to lubricate his ass. Shaeffer pushed another finger inside, two fingers now, sliding in and out of Christopher’s tight boy-hole.

“How do those fingers feel?” asked Shaeffer, pushing them in and out of Christopher’s oiled up boy-hole.

“It feels good, Sir…” moaned Christopher.

Shaeffer added a third finger - three fingers were now pushing in and out of Christopher.

“Your smooth boy-cunt is stretching - it’s relaxing…” observed Shaeffer. “I’m getting your boy-cunt nice and wet, greased up and ready.”

“Oh god…” moaned Christopher, unable to think of anything except the pleasure that Shaeffer was giving him by working over his boy-hole.

“Do you know what’s going to happen next?” growled Shaeffer.

“No - no, Sir…” replied Christopher, beginning to grind his ass back against Shaeffer’s hands, pushing the fingers in deeper and harder into his ass.

“I’m going to fuck your boy-cunt…” spat Shaeffer. “I’m going to ram my hard cock inside your fuck-hole.”

“Please, Sir…” begged Christopher. “Yes please - please fuck me with your cock! Fuck my cunt with your cock!”

Being fucked by a man like Shaeffer was something that Christopher had often fantasised about but never experienced. He was unsure if he was ready, he was unsure if he would enjoy it, but he knew that it was something that he wanted to try.

Shaeffer removed his fingers from Christopher’s ass, leaving Christopher achingly empty for a moment, but then Christopher felt the head of Shaeffer’s cock being pressed against him. It felt big, thick, fat. Christopher suddenly felt a little apprehensive, worried that he wouldn’t be able to take it, but desperate to please Shaeffer, desperate to feel that cock inside him.

Slowly Shaeffer began to push his cock forward, sliding forward until he met the resistance of Christopher’s boy-hole. Christopher tried to control his breathing, tried to relax, but Shaeffer impatiently pushed forward, driving his cock inside.

“Ungh!” grunted Christopher, feeling his ass suddenly full of cock and his body protesting at the penetration.

Shaeffer wasted no time and continued to drive forward, Christopher could feel his body on top of him, his breath hot in his ear, his balls resting against his ass as every inch of Shaeffer’s cock was shoved inside him. Shaeffer began to quickly build up a momentum, pulling back and then pushing forward, backwards and forwards. Each time he would pull his cock out a little further, and with each push forward he would drive his cock harder and deeper into Christopher’s fuck-hole.

Waves of pleasure were washing over Christopher, he’d never imagined an encounter such as this, it was beyond his wildest fantasies. Christopher could feel the intensity of Shaeffer’s fucking increasing, slamming his cock in and out of Christopher’s fuck-hole.

“Ungh!” grunted Shaeffer. “Ungh! I’m going to breed your fucking boy-cunt! Fuck! Fuck! Take that fucking load!”

Christopher felt his ass being flooded by Shaeffer’s thick creamy cum. Shaeffer collapsed down on top of Christopher, his greasy cock still embedded inside Christopher.

Suddenly the handcuffs were released and the blindfold removed. Christopher blinked in surprise as he tried to get his bearings, his face pressed into the carpet, Shaeffer still lying on top of him, his cock still deep in his ass.

“You’re a quick learner, kid…” growled Shaeffer, his breath hot on Christopher’s ear. “As long as you remember who’s boss, we’re going to make a good team.”

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