The erotic art of Felix d'Eon

This is the kind of culture we want on our walls.

The erotic art of Felix d'Eon

We caught up with Felix d’Eon to talk art, inspiration, and erotica.

When did you discover and start to explore your passion for art and illustration?

I have no idea! I decided to be an artist as a child — there was never a time when I didn’t want to be an artist, so it’s hard to remember how it started.

However, I didn’t decide to be a fine artist or illustrator until High School — before that I wanted to be a bird scientist and travel the world painting birds like John James Audubon. But, somewhere around the age of 13 or so, I discovered the old masters, and decided I wanted to paint like Ingres, or Rubens — which is a goal that I’m still working towards!

Who are some of your art heroes or inspirations?

There are so many! I think, if I will call them a hero, they would be artists who were genuinely good people, as well as being amazing artists.

For example, Bonnard, the post-impressionist, who tenderly cared for his ailing wife who had a skin condition, and for this reason has many paintings of her in the bathtub — the only place she was not in pain — beautifully and lovingly painted. Of course, he was a great painter, whose use of colour is unparalleled.

I can love Bonnard without qualifiers, unlike, say, Gauguin or Picasso — both of whom were amazing artists but rather unpleasant as people.

What’s the process that you generally follow?

I usually have the idea, and invite the model to the studio for a photo-shoot. I print out the photo and use it as the base. The model is often nude, so I invent the clothing and such using historical sources. I make a drawing in pencil, redraw it in ink, and colour it in marker.

How can people get their hands on your work?

I only accept commissions every now and then — I would usually rather not. However, you can find my work in my etsy store, or on my website.

What do you hope that people feel when looking at your art?

I hope they will feel beautiful, loved, seen, and represented. I hope they will feel that love is universal, and that beauty encompasses a wide variety of bodies and ethnicities.

What are some of your goals and aspirations for the months ahead?

To make more beautiful paintings!

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