New music from The Irrepressibles: Be Wild!

The sexual tension is palpable.

New music from The Irrepressibles: Be Wild!

The 4th album from The Irrepressibles is on the way.

Following on from Will You?, and Yo Homo, we now have Be Wild!

“Be Wild! is set in the streets of my stomping ground of Salford & Manchester - it’s a kind of soundtrack for walking the streets about homosexual adventures..." explains Jamie Irrepressible. "It’s full of the sunshine of liberation with a touch of northern swagger.”

It's dark and sexy - another Irrespressibles track to add to your "music-to-fuck-to" playlist.

Born and raised in Yorkshire, Jamie Irrepressible began his career in the world of classical music before exploring progressive rock and instrumental electronica. He released the debut album - The Irrepressibles - in 2009.

The music video for Be Wild! is directed by Joseph Wilson - giving us a film noir vision of cruising the streets.

“Be Wild! is a love letter to the 80s, to the cruisers, the sex workers and drag kings and queens..." explains Joseph Wilson. "It’s a voyeuristic perspective into our world that celebrates our identities and indulges in the eroticism of queer culture. It’s about homosexuality, the joys of gay sex, about being an outcast and being wild."

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