The Murray Smoker

The Murray Smoker. Add this novella to your reading list.

The Murray Smoker

A small town. A ruthless property developer. A damaged hero.

The Murray Smoker is a novella that follows a young guy's attempt to navigate a return to his hometown.

Here's a snippet:

“Got a light, mate?” asked the young guy waiting in line behind Kellen.
“Sure...” nodded Kellen, fishing a cigarette lighter out from the pocket of his jeans. Kellen used to smoke but had pretty much given up now. He still always carried a lighter, one habit he couldn’t break.
“Ta...” acknowledged the guy, inhaling deeply to fully ignite the tip of his cigarette. “You live around here?”
“Yeah – just over near the river…” nodded Kellen, waving his arm in the general direction. “I’m here for a couple of weeks, visiting my family.”
“Sweet...” nodded the guy, his accent broad and friendly.
“You’re here for Easter?” asked Kellen.
“Yup, drove down with some mates - from the Gold Coast…” said the guy, extending a handshake. “I’m Rodney.”
“Kellen...” nodded Kellen, shaking the outstretched hand. “That’s quite a drive?”
“Yeah, we’re just taking our time…” shrugged Rodney. “Camping as we go.”
“Where to after Echuca?” asked Kellen.
“Not sure yet, we’ll see where the road takes us...” winked Rodney.

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