Top Ten Biggest Easter Eggs

This is the kind of hunt we can get into!

Top Ten Biggest Easter Eggs

There is no need to go on an Easter egg hunt this weekend, because we already hunted down the biggest balls caught on camera. What is it about a man with really big balls that really gets us going? I guess we’re just sacs addicts.

All the actors listed below are lugging around massive testis that we think are the besties. Keep scrolling to see barely legal Antonio Banderas' big cock and balls, the owner of the biggest balls seen in any movie or television show, Olivier Müller, pre-fame Morgan Spector’s wide-set pair, and much more. Are you a bunny? Because you'd look good nestled on these eggs. Happy Easter.

Olivier Müller in Metamorphoses

Jesse Pepe in From Here on OUT

Joaquín Ferreira in Club de Cuervos

Juan Manuel Martino in Taekwondo

Antonio Banderas in False Eyelash

Max Parodi in Private

Morgan Spector in Split

Richard Short in Vinyl

John Clark in Any Given Sunday

Diego Escobar in Minx