We do love a Bad Boy

Get into the latest instalment of Bad Boy - Artie O'Daly's comedy series about the adventures of Scott, his Daddy-complex, and the boys in his life.

We do love a Bad Boy

Artie O’Daly is back on our screens with more episodes of Bad Boy – the bonkers comedy series about boys with a daddy-complex.

Bad Boy explores the encounters between Scott (played by Artie O’Daly) and the bad boys in his life. There’s a loose narrative that connects each of the episodes, but what’s important is that O’Daly has created a group of characters that are funny, engaging, and watchable – whatever they’re doing.

One of the ongoing tensions in the series is the boys assuming that Scott can be categorised as a Daddy in a Daddy/Son sexual sexual dynamic – because of the age difference. It’s an assumption that Scott tries to resist, but not very effectively.

This is quality queer absurdist comedy. Worth watching.

The latest episode

In this episode, a case of mistaken identities gets very confusing for everyone.

As well as Artie O'Daly, this episode features Brent Bailey, Drew Canan, Alex Dyon, Blase Maffia III, and Danielle Vernengo.

Artie O'Daly on Naked Men Talking

Check out the Naked Men Talking podcast to hear Artie O'Daly talking about the Bad Boy series.

In the conversation, we talk embracing the daddy identity, being a late-bloomer, and exploring the clothing-optional resorts of Palm Springs.

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The After Dark edition

If a bit of a Dad/Son dynamic is the kind of sexual energy that you're looking for, check out the After Dark edition for some fuel for your fantasies.

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