What to watch: A Dice With Five Sides

A queer film that you might want to add to your watch-list.

What to watch: A Dice With Five Sides

A Dice With Five Sides is a revealing gay movie in which two men, who meet during an anon hookup, allow chance to dictate every move of their relationship together. Marcello (Alexander Ananasso) and Herman (Jake Garvey) are surprised by the intense feelings they have for one another right off the bat. But the men, too afraid to express their true feelings for one another, turn things into a game. A game that’s to die for.  

(VIDEO) See all of the incredible scenes from A Dice With Five Sides 

Marcello and Herman assign different actions - some major, like inviting a third into the relationship - to different sides of a dice. Each time the relationship progresses over the years (yes, years) it only does so by following the roll of a dice. But how long can this crazy game go on? Will the men ever be able to bear their true feelings - to break through their fear, pride, and whatever else is fuelling this dicey dance of seduction? 

Naturally, a premise as sexy as this is going to include some hot intimate moments. Jake and Alexander having steamy gay sex, sure, but this movie will go down in history for its incredibly lengthy, fully nude dance sequence. Both leading men go full frontal while dancing with each other before they are joined by a plethora of men either wearing thongs or nothing at all. Suddenly we get modern dance. Check out the highlights from A Dice With Five Sides right here! 

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