What to watch: Drifter

A techno-fuelled journey of self-discovery in Berlin.

What to watch: Drifter

Written and directed by Hannes Hirsch, Drifter gives us the story of Moritz.

Moritz is a young guy who moved to Berlin to live with his boyfriend, Jonas. It’s a new relationship and Jonas soon decides that he’s not ready to settle down – leaving Moritz adrift in an unfamiliar city.

Immersing himself in Berlin’s nightlife, Moritz starts to figure out who he is and how to navigate the world in which he finds himself.

While never delving too deep into the motivations of the characters, this is engaging film that presents an intriguing snapshot of queer life in Berlin. In a way, it feels a bit of a sanitised version of where drugs and sex can take you in a city such as Berlin – this could easily have been a story set in the early 2000s – but it’s worth a watch.

The cast includes Lorenz Hochhuth, Gustav Schmidt, Cino David, and Marie Tragousti.

Drifter is distributed by TLA Releasing

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