What to watch: Punch

In this film from New Zealand, a young boxer begins to realise the limitations of his world.

What to watch: Punch

Written and directed by Welby Ings, Punch is a coming-of-age drama from New Zealand.

The film gives us the story of Jim (Jordan Oosterhof). He's 17 and a small-town boxing hero whose life is controlled by his father domineering but alcoholic father, Stan (Tim Roth).

Jim is drawn to Whetu (Conan Hayes) - a defiantly queer teenager who exists on the margins of the town.

As he begins to explore his feelings for Whetu, Jim begins to realise the limitations of his world.

Despite some interesting stylistic and design choices, at the heart of this film is a compelling performance by Oosterhof as the conflicted Jim. Tim Roth is always a safe pair of hands, and the theme of challenging expectations to figure out who you are is adeptly explored.

Punch is distributed by Peccadillo Pictures

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