What underwear should I wear?

Time to re-think your wardrobe.

What underwear should I wear?

For something that’s generally worn beneath your clothes, underwear is a pretty big deal. You might think that not a lot people get to see your underwear, but you can’t deny that your choice of underwear has a big impact on your comfort, your self-confidence, and the image that you want to present to the world.

Different situations call for different styles of underwear, depending on who you are, what you want to feel, and what you want to project.

Let’s workshop a couple of different scenarios and see if we can suggest an underwear option that’s right for you.

A job interview

Whatever job you’re going for, whether it’s your dream career or just a way to pay the bills, the key thing is that you need to be as relaxed and comfortable as possible.

That’s why we’re recommending a classic pair of briefs. You want to hold everything in place. If you’re wearing a suit, or a nice pair of trousers, you want underwear that’s going to help you look sharp.

But you’re probably going to be sweating a bit, so you need a comfortable fit that’s not going to be too tight or constricted.

There’s already enough to think about during a job interview, you don’t want to have to be worrying about your underwear.

A long flight

Whether your flight is two hours or twelve hours, when you’re preparing for your travels you know that you’re going to be sitting in relatively cramped conditions for an extended period of time.

You need practical, functional underwear. Avoid anything too tight, or anything that you might need to try and adjust or rearrange mid-flight.

A sensible pair of boxer-briefs is the ideal choice when flying. You’ll give yourself a relaxed fit, while also ensuring comfort and support.

A gym work-out

The locker-room of your gym is a great way to compare underwear choices, and get a sense what the other guys are rocking out in while they’re lifting.

Your gym work-out requires comfort and support, but also needs to give you plenty of room to breathe as you’re going to be working up a sweat.

A jock-strap is the ideal choice — it holds everything nice and snug, while also enabling as much air as possible to flow around your body.

Go with one of the newer sporty styles, to show that you’re a forward-thinking kind of guy. You’re bound to turn a few heads on the locker-room.

A date

Whether or not you’re the kind of guy that puts out on a first date, the underwear that you choose is going to be sending some pretty clear signals. Your underwear should match your intentions, but if you’re wanting to project something that’s a bit sexy, a bit flirty, a bit fun, then an old-school jock-strap in a bright colour is a great choice. Let that waistband peek up over your jeans. Let your guy know what’s in store for him if he plays his cards right.

A hook-up

If you’ve put your technology to good use and lined up some action, then you know that whatever underwear you choose is going to be coming off fairly quickly. A jock-strap is often a popular choice for a hook-up, but it’s getting a bit predictable. Why not try a thong? Thongs have a cool, retro feel, a 70s vintage porn kind of vibe that will bring a smile to your guy’s face. It’s also a great way to show off your assets and showcase the results of all of the squats that you’ve been doing in the gym.

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