What's on in London: Party Baggage

A tragicomedy that explores the complexities of friendship, love, and unexpected twists of fate.

What's on in London: Party Baggage

Party Baggage is a new play from Shaun Nolan.

What's it about?

Nat and Fin need your help. Since Nat got pregnant by Fin’s (kind of) ex-boyfriend, things just haven’t been the same. In their personal lives and in their friendship, there are a whole host of issues and they simply must tell you all about them. You’re a theatre audience! They know you can’t talk back to them! But maybe you could just... listen?

Nat and Fin’s lives unravel as they navigate the complexities of friendship, love, and unexpected twists of fate. Fin does care – he promises! – and he’s going to show Nat that he does by planning her a baby shower. But while he deals with his feelings of jealousy, and she fears how motherhood will suit her, the two start to lose sight of what they have right in front of them.

“I’ve long wanted to explore a feeling that’s plagued my mind for as long as I can remember: I will never get to have a baby with the man I love..." explains Shaun Nolan. "We could adopt, or one of us could have a baby with a surrogate, but I will never get the pleasure of creating life that is exclusively ours. It feels so human, yet so far from me. Telling this story - and making it meta and hilarious along the way - has been so much fun, and there’s no way I could be doing it with anyone other than Sharina.”

Who's in the cast?

  • Shaun Nolan plays the role of Fin.
  • Sharina-Mai Bruno plays the role of Nat.

Where is it on?

  • The Drayton Arms Theatre, London
  • Sunday May 26th 2024 and Monday May 27th 2024
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