Why do straight men love anal sex?

Lube up and let's get down to business.

Why do straight men love anal sex?

Obviously, for those of us that identify as gay, butt stuff comes fairly instinctively. But it’s not just the gays that are into it. Research indicates that about 30% of heterosexual men – between the ages 20 and 60 – have tried anal sex with a sexual partner.

Why do straight men want to stick their cock into someone's butt? Let’s get into it.

Psychological Reasons

There’s possibly a number of psychological factors at play.

For example, it could symbolise a form of domination over your sexual partner – “I am going to fuck all of your holes – I’m going to fuck you from every angle, because I can.” It’s a way for a man to demonstrate who is in charge, who is in control in this encounter.

There’s also a taboo element to anal sex in a heterosexual encounter. It’s a form of transgression, something a bit perverse – for a straight man, anal sex is next-level.

Also, a guy might identify as straight but could be a bit bicurious. They may be interested in trying some butt stuff with a dude.

Why do we fetishise straight guys?
There’s something about getting a guy to cross those boundaries that is a total turn-on.

Physiological Reasons

Just like we explore different ways of masturbating to give ourselves different sensations, experimenting with different ways of fucking is also a lot of fun.

Fucking someone’s anus is going to feel a lot different than fucking someone’s vagina – the anal muscles are going to grip tightly. That feels good.

It’s also just fun to try new things. Any opportunity to mix things up a bit should be embraced and explored.

What do straight men need to know about anal sex?

While you can try your luck at a bit of spontaneous anal sex, the general rule is that a bit of preparation will make it better for everyone.

  1. You want your bottom to be feeling clean and confident.
  2. Foreplay or pre-work is an important step in making sure that your bottom is relaxed and ready for action.
  3. Use lots of lube – make sure that the butt that you’re about to fuck is wet and juicy.
  4. Using toys can be a fun way to open your bottom up and get them ready for more.
  5. Take your time – ease in slowly and steadily increase your momentum.
  6. Have fun. Sex should be enjoyable for everyone – don’t take it too seriously.

Why do we fetishise straight guys?

It's probably not healthy but the idea of seducing a straight man is a fairly common fantasy for gay guys.

Why do we fetishise straight guys?
There’s something about getting a guy to cross those boundaries that is a total turn-on.

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