Wolves at War

Erotic fiction about the powerful black wolves of Europe.

Wolves at War

Want to get your teeth into some erotic gay fiction?

Wolves at War is a short novella that explores a sexed-up werewolf fantasy within the context of medieval Europe.

While powerful families of Europe are at each others' throats, vying for control, a new force emerges from the shadows.

The black wolves - men who live in packs and will fight to the death to protect each other and their way of life.

Beginning in Paris in the 15th century, this erotic adventure pits Courtaud and his brothers against the ruthless Order of the Dragon - and an unexpected adversary from the past.

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Erotic Gay Fiction - Wolves At War
Fuel your fantasies with this erotic gay fiction story - Wolves At War.In medieval Europe, the world’s powers are vying for supremacy. But the wars of men force from the shadows the black wolves - a different type of being that transform each full moon.Who will triumph?This is erotic gay fiction, wi…

Are you ready to take on the black wolves of Europe?

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