Strip down for an in-depth exploration of Yoga.

Matt, the Bearded Naked Yogi, shares his insights.

Strip down for an in-depth exploration of Yoga.

If you're interested in yoga and looking for a podcast to add to your playlist, check out the Bearded Naked Podcast.

Presented by Matt - who is known as the Bearded Naked Yogi - this is a 10-episode series that explores the eight limbs of yoga.

It's a relaxed and informal discussion but a great way to broaden your understanding of what yoga is all about and how to get the most out of these ancient traditions.

Episode 1: Introduction

Discover the man, the beard and why the Eight Limbs are such an important part of traditional yoga practice.

Episode 2: The Yamas

Discover the practices of non-violence, truthfulness and the other personal ethics that make up the first limb of yoga; the Yamas.

Episode 3: The Niyamas

Exploring the personal attitudes an aspiring yogi may adopt on their path of self-discovery, such as 'contentment', 'self-discipline' and 'self-reflection'.

Episode 4: Asana

Discover the true meaning behind the postures and poses so commonly associated with the practice of yoga.

Episode 5: Pranayama

A discovery of the life-changing breathing techniques of yoga including a short practice for listeners to enjoy.

Episode 6: Pratyahara

Enter the true heart of Yoga with a discussion on the beginning of the internal journey through the practice of Pratyahara.

Episode 7: Dharana

Explore the importance of concentration within the Eight Limbs of Yoga and techniques to help you practice

Episode 8: Dhyana

Discover why the practice of meditation is considered to be the highest form of yoga.

Episode 9: Samadhi

The ultimate "goal" of traditional yoga practice revealed.

Episode 10: Yoga - the antidote to modern life

Wrapping up Season 1 with a wide-ranging discussion on the real benefits of yoga and what it means to build a true relationship with oneself.

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Naked Men Talking

Matt has also appeared in an episode of the Naked Men Talking podcast.

In the conversation, we talk about the connection between nudity and yoga, the liberation of a naked retreat, and why social naturism doesn't have to be sexual to have impact.

Listen here

The After Dark edition

If you want to see Matt the Bearded Naked Yogi in all of his glory, check out the After Dark edition.

After Dark: Matt the Bearded Naked Yogi
Show us your downward dog!

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