Zeus - Zander on Crete

Erotic gay fiction.

Zeus - Zander on Crete

If you like a bit of erotic fantasy involving the gods of Ancient Greece, you might want to check out Zeus: Zander on Crete.

Here's an extract.

“Timor, come…” beckoned Zander, positioning his page so that he was standing before him - facing Demetrios and Gallus. “We’re going to start with a bit of a practical demonstration.”

Zander untied the simple tunic that Timor was wearing and let it fall to the ground. Timor was now standing naked before them.

“Now, Gallus…” said Zander. “You’ve obviously seen men and boys naked at the gymnasium and the baths. I imagine that you’ve also seen what happens when men and boys become aroused?”

Gallus looked to his father, unsure as to how much he should disclose or how explicitly he should talk about bodily matters.

“It’s okay, son…” encouraged Demetrios. “There’s nothing to be embarrassed about. Zander is a disciple of Zeus - you can talk openly and honestly about anything with him.”

“Let me show you…” smiled Zander, wrapping the palm of his hand around Timor’s cock and beginning to stroke it. “You’ve seen men and boys getting hard, am I right?”

“Yes, sir…” nodded Gallus, watching intently as Zander brought Timor to hardness.

“Have you seen men and boys stroking their cock like this?” asked Zander, holding Timor close while continuing to jack the boy’s cock.

“Uh huh…” nodded Gallus.

“Have you discovered the pleasure of stroking your own cock?” asked Zander, slowly sliding Timor’s generous foreskin backwards and forwards.

“Yes, sir…” nodded Gallus.

“Have you seen a boy stroking the cock of another boy?” asked Zander. “Have you seen a boy stroking the cock of a man?”

“Um, no - I don’t think so…” replied Gallus.

“He’s always accompanied by my slaves…” explained Demetrios. “I’ve always made sure that he’s quite protected in those more public spaces.”

“Excellent - that’s probably for the best…” nodded Zander.

Zander stood from the lounge and untied his robe, letting it fall to the floor. He could feel both the eyes of Demetrios and Gallus on his body.

“It’s important that you’re familiar with a man’s body…” explained Zander. “Obviously, my body is similar to yours, just a bit bigger. Timor - jack my cock.”

As instructed, Timor moved closer to Zander and wrapped his hands around the thick cock-shaft. Zander’s cock immediately began to thicken and lengthen and harden as Timor pulled his generous foreskin forward and then slid it smoothly back.

“See how my cock is getting harder?” said Zander. “Our cocks respond to pleasure - just as my hands on Timor’s cock gave him pleasure, his hands on my cock also give me pleasure. Do you understand?”

“Yes, sir…” nodded Gallus. “Could I also touch it?”

“Not yet, my boy…” smiled Zander. “This lesson is a demonstration. But don’t worry, you’ll get your chance. Why don’t you sit on your father’s lap while you’re watching? Some physical contact will help focus the sexual energy that you’re feeling.”

Gallus clambered onto the lap of Demetrios. Demetrios wrapped his arms around his son and held him close.

“So, you understand that young Timor here can give me pleasure with his hands…” continued Zander. But Timor is a talented boy and he has been taught well by his father - he knows how to give me pleasure in all sorts of ways. Isn’t that right, Timor?”

“Yes, master…” nodded Timor.

“Why don’t you put your mouth to work?” Zander suggested to Timor.

Zander could feel Gallus watching intently as Timor began to lick and slurp up and down the length of his thick cock-shaft. Timor tongued and nuzzled Zander’s big swinging balls before working his way back up to the cock-head.

Demetrios could feel Gallus wriggling with excitement as Timor opened his mouth and Zander’s cock-head slid across the boy’s tongue.

“So, now we have demonstrated Timor’s skills with his hands and his mouth…” explained Zander. “The final stage of today’s lesson is going to be a demonstration of Timor’s boy-pussy.”

“His boy-pussy?” asked Gallus.

“His cunt…” smiled Zander. “His butt. His ass. You’ll be familiar with how you use your ass to defecate - to take a shit - but you might not be familiar with how much pleasure is centred around the ass.”

“Really?” asked Gallus.

“Bend over, Timor…” instructed Zander. “Present your cunt to our guests.”

As instructed, Timor moved into position in front of where Demetrios and Gallus were sitting. He bent forward and placed a hand on each of his ass cheeks, spreading them so that his fuck-hole was clearly on display.

“See…” explained Demetrios, reaching forward and tracing his fingers lightly around Timor’s boy-hole. “This is Timor’s boy-pussy - his cunt. It feels good when a man puts his cock in a boy’s cunt.”

“It feels good for the man?” asked Gallus.

“For both the man and the boy…” replied Demetrios.

“It takes a bit of practice…” added Zander. “But once the boy knows what he’s doing, then they can’t get enough cock in their boy-pussy. Isn’t that right, Timor?”

“Yes, master…” nodded Timor.

“Come on then - get your cunt on this cock…” instructed Zander, sitting on the lounge and pulling Timor to him.

Facing Zander, and supporting himself against Zander’s body, Timor slowly lowered himself down so that inch after inch of Zander’s thick cock slowly entered him.

“Ungh…” moaned Timor.

“Doesn’t that hurt?” asked Gallus.

“It might hurt a bit at first…” explained Demetrios. “It’s a very intense sensation. The pleasure is intense.”

“I don’t understand how a cock that big can fit into something so tight…” murmured Gallus.

“Look closely…” guided Demetrios. “See how Timor’s cunt stretches and expands around Zander’s thick cock? This is what the body was designed to do.”

“I would like to try that…” decided Gallus.

“Patience, my boy…” smiled Demetrios. “There will be time for that, but not today.”

“I’m glad that you’re an eager student…” grinned Zander, bouncing Timor up and down his thick cock. “Keep watching closely while I pump my load into this boy-whore.”

“Your load?” asked Gallus.

“His cum - his seed…” explained Demetrios. “When you stroke yourself, do you shoot?”

“Yes, that’s just started…” nodded Gallus.

“Well, that’s your load…” said Demetrios. “Zander is going to fuck his load into Timor’s cunt.”

“Get ready, you little slut…” grunted Zander. “Ungh! Ungh! Ah! By Zeus!”

“Wow - that’s a lot of cum!” laughed Demetrios, watching closely as Zander continued to slide his cock in and out of Timor’s stretched and cum-sloppy fuck-hole.”

“It’s a gift…” grinned Zander.

“I’m impressed - and a little envious…” acknowledged Demetrios.

“Envious of me fucking the boy, or of the boy being fucked by me?” asked Zander.

“Probably a bit of both…” smiled Demetrios.

“I’d offer you to take your turn, but that’s probably a bit of a distraction from our main task…” shrugged Zander.

“Yes, but perhaps some other time?” said Demetrios.

“Most definitely…” grinned Zander, standing up from the lounge - his cummy cock swinging before him while Timor remained sprawled on the lounge. “But I think we’ve made some good progress today.”

“Indeed…” agreed Demetrios, ruffling his fingers through his son’s hair - noting that Gallus’s eyes were fixed firmly on Zander’s thick cock. “If he makes the right decision, Hector will be one lucky man.”

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