Demetrios the Spartan

Gay erotic fiction in a historical setting.

Demetrios the Spartan

If you like a bit of history with your erotic gay fiction, then you might be interested in the story of Demetrios the Spartan.

Following the adventures of a young man from a powerful family, Demetrios must balance his sense of duty against his youthful lust for life and adventure.

“You sent for me, father?” asked Demetrios, entering his father’s chambers.
“Yes, my son – come, be seated...” nodded Antalcidas, gesturing for Demetrios to sit with him on the day-bed that he had been reclining on. “How was your wrestling training today?”
“It was excellent!” beamed Demetrios, still flushed with excitement from the victory over his friend. “I defeated Erastos!”
“Well done, I am proud of you...” smiled Antalcidas. “Now, I have something serious to discuss with you. I have news from our commander, Lysander – he is sending me to Athens.”
“Athens?” repeated Demetrios. “I thought that after our armies had defeated Athens that the city was to be destroyed?”
“Yes – that was Lysander’s plan…” nodded Antalcidas. “However, our allies have persuaded King Agis that Athens should be spared. Instead of destroying the entire city, now the fortifications of Athens will be destroyed and Spartan rule will be imposed. A council of thirty of Sparta’s leading citizens will rule the city. Lysander has appointed myself as Governor. It is a great honour, for myself and also our entire family.”
“That is tremendous news, father!” exclaimed Demetrios. “An honour richly deserved!”
“Yes, it is indeed good fortune...” nodded Antalcidas. “Lysander has always rewarded loyalty.”
“When do you leave, father?” asked Demetrios.
“Immediately...” replied Antalcidas. “Preparations have already begun. However, I shall not be going alone. Now that you have come of age, you will be coming with me to Athens. You will be one of the thirty Spartans that sits on the ruling council of Athens.”
“Really?” asked Demetrios, unable to hide his astonishment. “Thank you, Father. I promise that I will not disappoint you.”

This is not high brow literature - Demetrios the Spartan is one-handed reading in all of its glory.

While this story may not win any awards, it will - hopefully - get you off. Why not put it to the test?

Grease up and let's get reading!

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