Behind-the-scenes: Manuel Skye

Get to know this impressive man from Montreal - he's an acrobat, a performer, and an author.

Behind-the-scenes: Manuel Skye

There’s a lot to admire about Manuel Skye.

Based in Montreal, he’s an acrobat who knows how to get the best out of his body.

The acrobat

“We should all be stretching, period – before anything that involves movement…” confirms Manuel, when we ask him if we should be stretching before sex. “Stretching before sex is key – for both the giver and the receiver – in order to have full range of motion in the hips and to ensure that we’re able to get every inch inside.”

“My favourite acrobatic moves in sex are the ones that take my boys by surprise…” adds Manuel. “Either when I lift them up in the air while fucking, or transitioning from riding to missionary – by opening into a full split so I can keep my dick inside in the process.”

The underwear

“I like something that has enough space for my balls and ass…” says Manuel, when our conversation inevitably turns to underwear. “That kind of fit is really hard to find, so my best bet are briefs.”

“When I’m at home, I like free-balling. Sometimes I’m free-balling at the gym as well, except when I do aerials – then I have to wear a dance belt. A dance belt is a thong that holds everything up at the front so that I don’t smash my balls in a move.”

“For my boys, I like a jock that compliments the roundness of their ass and ensures that I have free access to their pretty hole.”

Manuel Skye on Naked Men Talking

I caught up with Manuel Skye on the Naked Men Talking podcast.

As well as talking about his career and his relationship with his body, we get into the book that he's written - 7 Skyes Under, which is a guide to a spiritual journey.

In the conversation, we talk about setting your intention, learning from your past lives, the power of letting go, and his mission to bring back the sacred into sexuality.

Listen to the episode.

The After Dark edition

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