Podcast Alert: Naked Men Talking

A podcast exploring naturism and the power of getting your clothes off.

Podcast Alert: Naked Men Talking

The latest episode of Naked Men Talking is now available!

Naked Men Talking is a podcast that explores naturism and the power of getting your clothes off.

In the latest episode, we're joined by Mexican Poppers.

Mexican Poppers describes himself as a bator who is sloppy with poppers.

We talk about learned patterns of masturbation, the thrill of exhibitionism, exploring BDSM, and putting on a performance for your online community.

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Episode 26

In this episode, we're joined by Adrian Lourie.

Adrian Lourie is a photographer and he’s the man behind Meatzine - a pin-up project that celebrates men.

We talk about validation, storytelling, and how to quickly build a rapport with a guy so you can get his clothes off.

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Episode 25

In this episode, we're joined by Martin Führer.

Martin Führer is an illustrator, artist, and designer - he’s got a particular skill for creating naked portraits of Hollywood heartthrobs.

We talk about the hustle of being an artist, the appeal of perfect-looking men, the challenge of drawing portraits of men, and the overwhelming demand for Henry Cavill.

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Episode 24

In this episode, we're joined by Joel Someone.

Joel Someone is an award-winning performer - he’s the thinking man’s porn-star, fuelling our fantasies on every level.

We talk about intimacy, control, character acting, and the therapeutic benefits of embracing a daddy identity.

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Episode 23

In this episode, we're joined by Paul Stag.

Paul is an all-rounder of the adult-entertainment industry - he’s a model, a director, a producer, a journalist, and an author. He’s just released his new book - The Ultimate Guide to Escorting.

We talk about career choices, confidence, and the benefits of having a big dick.

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Episode 22

In this episode, we're joined by Anthony Duran.

Anthony Duran is a photographer and filmmaker. Originally from Australia, he’s now based in Palm Springs and is immersed in the world of adult entertainment.

We talk about the appeal of a hairy bush, fragile egos, and how to create an on-screen connection.

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Episode 21

In the latest episode, we’re joined by Mark - the man behind Naked Mates.

Naked Mates is an online platform that brings together a community of guys who like to get their clothes off.

We talk about the appeal of social naturism, navigating the technical challenges of connecting with other guys who like to get naked, and how to judge a sex party.

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Episode 20

In this episode, we're joined by Dmitry Osten.

Dmitry Osten is a content creator - fuelling our fantasies with his fan-subscription channels. Dmitry is someone who gets naked a lot.

We talk about tango, pulling faces, the complexity of being a refugee, and overthinking selfies.

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Episode 19

In this episode, we're joined by Matt - the Bearded Naked Yogi.

Matt is a teacher of Hatha Yoga and a Meditation Teacher - he runs online classes as well as group retreats.

We talk about the connection between nudity and yoga, the liberation of a naked retreat, and why social naturism doesn't have to be sexual to have impact.

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