Naked Men Talking: Events

Exploring naturism and the power of getting your clothes off.

Naked Men Talking: Events

You may have heard the podcast, or you may just like the idea of getting naked with other dudes. Either way, why not join a Naked Men Talking event?

Event Report: Naked Book Club

Our first Book Club event was held on 25 February in Hoxton. The Overground line was out of action, which led to a few last-minute cancellations, but we had five of us there which worked well.

The book we were discussing was Giovanni's Room by James Baldwin. None of us were literary experts but it was great to discuss how we'd felt about the story and the themes being explored.

Book Club: Giovanni’s Room
James Baldwin’s classic tale of damaged men and heartbreak.

The next Book Club event is scheduled for 28 April - the book that we'll be discussing is Swimming in the Dark by Tomasz Jędrowski.

Event Report: Playdough Penis Modelling

Playdough Penis Modelling was our first event.

Eight guys joined us in Hoxton for a relaxed Sunday afternoon of social naturism and playdough penis modelling.

Everyone arrived on time, got naked, and refreshments and snacks were served. This was an alcohol-free event.

The activity was simple. Each guy was provided with a tub of playdough and had to create a model of the soft penis of one of the other guys at the event - randomly allocated.

It was a bit of fun and gave everyone an opportunity to move around the room and chat informally. It also proactive ensured consent to take a close look at the guy's penis that you were modelling.

Once everyone was satisfied with their handiwork, we went around the group and we each presented our own penis - the one that had been modelled for us. It was really just a chance to have a giggle at the playdough representations of our dicks but also an opportunity to talk about our experiences of naturism and getting naked with others. There was some great group discussion and sharing of thoughts and ideas.

Overall, this was a total success and ideal for a small-group activity. Definitely something that we'll be doing again in the future.

When is the next Naked Men Talking event?

Next up is a Naked Co-Working event on 25 April.

Working from home, together, naked. It's an afternoon of just working on whatever pays the bills, with a scheduled break for coffee and a chat.

Attendance for this event is through the Naked Mates platform. If that causes you any problems, get in touch with me directly and I'll sort you out.

Future events in the pipeline

Just locking down dates, but these are some of the future Naked Men Talking events to have on your radar:

  • Port and poetry.
  • Erotic writing workshop.
  • Strip Poker.
  • Wine Tasting.
  • Quiz Night.
  • Life Drawing.
  • Q&A with a porn-star.

If any of these events catch your attention, get in touch and I'll make sure that you get an invite.

Naked Men Talking: The Podcast

Naked Men Talking is a podcast that explores naturism and the power of getting your clothes off.

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Naked Men Talking: The Podcast
Exploring naturism and the power of getting your clothes off.

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