The Romanian Boy

Erotic gay fiction to fuel you fap fantasies

The Romanian Boy

If you like a bit of erotic gay werewolf fantasy, you might want to check out The Romanian Boy.

Here's an extract from the story.

Once Alex was seated, music began to play and the food and wine began to flow.

“Who are all these men?” Callum asked Alex, suddenly realising that there were no women, that all of the guests were men - all dressed in togas as the theme required. “Have they been invited specially for the dinner?”

“These are my brothers…” smiled Alex.

“Your brothers?” asked Callum. “They’re all related to you?”

“Yes…” nodded Alex. “Brothers. We’re a fraternal dynasty, I guess. We’re a pack.”

“I’m not quite sure I understand…” replied Callum. “All of these men are part of your family?”

“Yes, they all live here at the fortress…” nodded Alex. “They’re my guards, my army, my pack. Come, it’s time for the entertainment.”

Alex gave a signal to one of the attending servants, and a gong was sounded. Plates and glasses were quickly cleared away as ten young boys were brought into the room. The boys were lifted up onto the long table at which all the men were sitting.

“They’re beautiful…” admired Callum, feeling relaxed after drinking plenty of wine.

“Local boys, from Brasov…” smiled Alex, “They will dance for us.”

The music began and the boys began to dance, slowly moving their hips, feeling the rhythm. Each of the boys was dressed only in a pair of transparent harem pants, the light, thin material swept around their bodies with every movement. Callum admired their toned, athletic physiques, he admired their cocks – swinging freely and clearly visible through the thin, transparent material of the harem pants that they were wearing.

“They all have their nipples pierced?” whispered Callum to Alex, observing the gold rings that had been inserted through each of the young boy’s nipples.

“Do you like them?” smiled Alex.

Callum couldn’t deny that he was incredibly turned on, watching these sensual young boys dancing to the music, their bodies on display for all to see.

The men sitting along the table were becoming increasingly rowdy, laughing, joking, leering at the boys, reaching up and touching them as they danced. From what Callum could see, the boys seemed to be responding to the attention – their cocks growing and thickening, visibly hardening beneath their thin transparent trousers.

Suddenly, one of the men reached up and grabbed at the trousers of the boy dancing closest to him, ripping the thin fabric from the boy’s body, leaving him naked. The boy seemed unperturbed and continued dancing, writhing to the music, twisting his pierced nipples while his hard cock waved proudly in front of him. Soon the men had ripped the trousers off all the other boys. It was clear that the men were becoming just as excited as the boys – their loose togas revealing their hard cocks.

“Are you enjoying yourself?” asked Alex with a smile, leaning over and wrapping his arm around Callum’s shoulders.

“It’s fucking awesome!” laughed Callum. “I had no idea this was the kind of party you were throwing!”

“We’re just warming up…” smiled Alex.

Alex beckoned the nearest dancing boy to approach them. The boy obediently knelt down onto the table directly in front of Alex and Callum, continuing to gyrate his hips, thrusting his hard cock towards them.

“Touch him…” Alex instructed Callum.

Callum tentatively reached out and ran the back of his hand down the boy’s chest, feeling the sweat that was beading on his skin.

“Go on…” encouraged Alex.

Callum took hold of one of the boy’s nipple rings, twisting it, firmly, watching the boy’s face revealing the pleasure it gave him.

As Callum was exploring the boy’s body, Alex reached down and loosened Callum’s toga, pulling the folds of material apart, freeing his hard cock, taking it in his hand and slowly beginning to jack it.

Looking around the room, Callum could see that all the boys were now being enjoyed by the men, hard cocks were being thrust into their mouths and oil and spit were being used to lubricate their fuck-holes.

“I want to watch you fuck him…” instructed Alex, positioning the boy on his hands and knees on the table, his smooth, hairless ass offered to Callum.

“Fuck this is hot…” nodded Callum, greasing his hard cock up with some oil as Alex poured oil onto the boy’s fuck-hole and used his fingers to roughly lubricate him.

Callum lined himself up against the boy and pushed slowly forward, his cock twitching with pleasure as it was slowly embedded in the tight boy-cunt.

Callum had never felt a sexual energy like that which was coursing through the room. He had been to sex parties before, but somehow this felt completely different – perhaps it was the surroundings, perhaps it was because they were all wearing togas, but he was completely lost in the moment, transported to a world of intense pleasure that was beyond anything he had ever known.

One of the men nearby to Callum and Alex began to cum as he was brutally fucking one of the young boys who was spreadeagled across the table. As the man unloaded his cum deep inside the boy, Callum was surprised to hear the man let out a loud roar, almost a howl that echoed around the room.

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