What to watch: Fellow Travelers

You're probably going to want to add this to your watch-list.

What to watch: Fellow Travelers

Not to sound dramatic, but if you didn’t catch the first episode of the explosively sexual new gay series Fellow Travelers, then you are about to become a completely new person. There was pre-Jonathan Bailey sticking Matt Bomer’s foot inside his mouth you, and now there’s post-Jonathan Bailey sticking Matt Bomer’s foot inside his mouth you. I… like the new you.

Showtime’s small screen adaptation of the historical novel Fellow Travelers stars Matt Bomer and Jonathan Bailey as a closeted gay couple whose relationship navigates huge historical events - they kick off their passionate romance against the backdrop of McCarthyism in 1953 before entering the choppy waters of the Vietnam War in the 70s, the AIDS epidemic of the 80s, and more. 

Episode one establishes the fiery passion between the two men. With four incredible scenes, the first episode alone makes Fellow Travelers one of the hottest gay shows in history. Let’s get down to business, shall we?

Only seven minutes in, we’re thrust into Hawk Fuller’s (Bomer) secret gay lifestyle. Emphasis on thrust. Matt unleashes his kinkiest sexual desires on Eddie Kofler’s (David Tomlinson) hole. A sweaty Bomer all but rearranges Tomlinson’s insides with his cock while having sex with him from behind.

During sex Bomer slaps his bottom’s ass, then throws David off his cock like a used condom after cumming.

Then things get hotter - yes hotter - when Tomlinson delivers the only frontal nudity of the episode when washing off his cock in the bathroom.

Bomer completely dominates Bailey’s ass in their first sex scene together.

He opens up Bailey with a dick that we know is big, because we saw it in The Boys In The Band.

Afterward, these two gorgeous men bask in their post-sex glow together in bed.

A few minutes later, Bomer muffles Bailey with his hand while jerking him off and asking “Who’s my boy?” But I’m your boy Matt. I’m your boy.

Bailey works his way up the ranks in Washington in the hottest way possible - by paying Matt Bomer a huge favor.

Bailey starts by not only sucking on Bomer’s toes, but also fitting about a third of Matt’s foot in his mouth. Open mouth, insert Matt Bomer’s foot.

Then Bailey grinds his face into Bomer’s bulge before sucking his cock. 

And that’s how you make a television program, Hollywood.

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