People need to know.

What's going on in the world of G-TV.

People need to know.

Sliding into your Sunday with a handy round-up of some of the things I've been working on this week.

Podcast Alert: WanderCast

Join Nicola and Gareth for another episode of WanderCast, as they discuss and dissect topics big and small.

Stories that we're covering this week include death by foraging, solutions to the olive oil shortage, triumph for Wales, Airbnb dilemmas, and how to take a date next-level.

Plus, there's a quiz!

Available on all podcast platforms - listen now!

Podcast alert: WanderCast
Join Nicola and Gareth as they discuss and dissect topics big and small.

Underwear alert!

Vinyl fetish-wear is the new collection from Modus Vivendi.

Ready to paint the town red?
Modus Vivendi serves up some sexy fetish-wear.

Naked Men Talking

There's a new episode of the Naked Men Talking podcast!

In this latest episode, we're joined by Ben from the JackAll bate club.

Podcast Alert: Naked Men Talking
A podcast exploring naturism and the power of getting your clothes off.

Getting naked with strangers

Social naturism is my new passion.

Getting naked with strangers
Social naturism is my new passion.

The Massage Exchange Chronicles

Another successful massage exchange.

This time around, I got oiled up with Rick. We got the job done.

The Massage Exchange Chronicles
Heat up the oil and get ready for a naked rub-down.

Bator Bro

A ritual celebration of masturbation.

Reporting from the front-line of communal masturbation
Bator Bro is a ritual celebration of jacking-off - the sexual energy is next-level.

Wolves at War

A sexed-up novella that explores the werewolf fantasy within the context of medieval Europe.

Wolves at War
Erotic fiction about the powerful black wolves of Europe.

100 Heroes: Truman Capote

The gay man who became one of America's literary giants.

100 Heroes: Truman Capote
The gay man who became one of America’s literary giants.

ManCrush: Austin Avery

We follow him hard.

ManCrush: Austin Avery
We follow him hard.

Erotic Fiction: Control

The new boss is fairly intimidating.

B8 M8: Control
An extract from Bad Boys’ Book Club: Volume 10.


What will you find in G-TV?

There's a bit of random stuff throughout the site, but there's three main areas of content:

  • The Daily Load: Immerse yourself in the world of adult entertainment and sexual pleasure.
  • Erotic Fiction: Sexed-up short stories and extracts of some of my longer adventures. I also publish stories for Kindle, if you prefer to read stuff that way.
  • 100 Heroes: Profiles of gay men throughout history, celebrating their lives, their work, and their legacy.

What are the different subscriber options in G-TV?

Lots of stuff on the site is publicly available and can be viewed by anyone, without any sign-in requirements.

Beyond that, there's two levels of content where there is restricted access.

  • Members Only: If you're not already signed-in to the site, as you're browsing through you'll see that some posts are marked as Members Only. To access these, you just need to either sign-in or create an account and sign-in. This is free to do. So, these are all free posts but you just need to have logged-in in order to access them.
  • Paid Members Only: Posts that are marked as being restricted to Paid Members Only are exactly that. You need to have paid the monthly subscription fee (USD$5) in order to access. This content is generally the more explicit content and isn't designed for general consumption. Paid Members also receive the daily email update, straight to their inbox.

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