After Dark: 20 September, 2023.

Happy Hump Day!

After Dark: 20 September, 2023.

Happy Hump Day! Here's a selection of stories to help get you through the week.

Naked Men Talking

There's a new episode of the Naked Men Talking podcast!

In this episode, we're joined by Jordan Jameson.

Jordan Jameson is a model, a performer, a stylist, a writer - Jordan is someone who gets naked a lot.

We talk about Jordan's insecurities with his body, his experience of naked spaces in New York City, what it feels like to get paid to get naked, and the thrill of dancing naked for Doja Cat.

Podcast Alert: Naked Men Talking
A podcast exploring naturism and the power of getting your clothes off.

The Massage Exchange Chronicles

Another successful massage exchange today. Today, I got my oiled-up hands on Greg's magnificent girth.

The Massage Exchange Chronicles
Heat up the oil and get ready for a naked rub-down.

Wolves at War

A sexed-up novella that explores the werewolf fantasy within the context of medieval Europe.

Wolves at War
Erotic fiction about the powerful black wolves of Europe.

Cock Rings

My latest article for is an in-depth look at cock rings.

Read it here.

Hump Day

Let's admire some assets.

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B8 M8: Hump Day
The perfect time to admire and appreciate some assets.

ManCrush: Lukas Daken

We follow him hard.

ManCrush: Lukas Daken
We follow him hard.

Erotic Fiction: Fantasy Football

Ready to give me a rub-down after training?

B8 M8: Fantasy Football
An extract from Bad Boys’ Book Club: Volume 34.

This scene features a three-way from Say Uncle - starring Carter DelRey, Jake Lawrence, and Zayne Bright.

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B8 M8: The Daily Load
We’re here to help fuel your fap fantasies.

Aemilius the Roman

If you fancy some erotic gay fiction on your Kindle, check out Aemilius the Roman.

Lusty men in ancient times.

Read it on Kindle or Amazon.

GIF of the Day

"I'm ready to wrestle..."

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